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How do Multi Player Slots Work?

wheel-of-wealth-multi-playerIt has to be said that playing slot games whether in an online casino or in a land based casino is usually something you do in a solitary way, but we have seen a range of land based slot machines which are linked together and players are be able to play alongside other players and these are what are known in the industry as community based slots.

The online gaming environment often closely mirrors the land based gaming industry and we have seen companies such as Microgaming launching their own small range of Multi Player slots, which are, for all intents and purposes the very same type of slots as those community based land based slots.

In this slot playing guide we are going to take a much closer look at the many different multi player slot games that you will be able to play online and enlighten you on how they have been designed and how they work, play and operate.


Chat Box Feature

The first thing that you will not be able to fail to notice when playing any of the multi player slot games is that once you launch the game a small chat box will become available on the screen, now this may seem quiet an alien concept to anyone who has experience of playing at an online casino for there are not many casinos that will allow you to interact with other players!

However, that chat box is where you can have a chat to the other players sat playing the slot you are playing, and whilst you may be a quite social type of person and will love the interaction the chat box offers, if you would prefer not to talk to anyone else you can always close the window and then not have the distractions that chat room offers!


Community Based Bonus Games

The one main aspect of playing multi player slot games is that the bonus game feature rounds are community based, and by this we mean that when the main bonus feature game available on any multi player slot has been triggered and awarded, then all other players at playing that game at the same time is going to get to play out the bonus game.

There are quite a number of different types of bonus games on offer, however the most commonly available ones are a set of free spins or a wheel spinning type of bonus feature round.

One thing that you may be wondering is that are you and all other players at playing these multi player slots all forced to play for the same stake amounts. Well, you may be pleased to learn that the stakes on multi player slot games are adjustable and as such you can play them for any stakes offered and as such these slots are suitable for low, mid or even high rolling players.

What you will find however that when you play for higher stakes you will obviously have the chance of winning some much higher winning payouts from both the base game and the bonus games attached to each multi player slot, however if you wish to play for low stakes then you are more than welcome to do so!

Be aware though that you are not able to play the multi player slots for free, and if you do not wager and start playing these types of slots within a certain amount of time when loading one of the games and then being allocated a seat then the software will automatically kick you off that slot, so as to allow another player to sit down and play it! So do not sit there waiting for you may find yourself being ejected from the game.


Benefits of Playing Multi Player Slots

If you have any friends or family who enjoy playing online slot games then the social way you will be playing multi player slots is going to be quite enjoyable for you and those friends or family members.

If you are the type of player who is always a little suspicious of playing slot games individually and on your own then by playing multi player slots you will be sat playing with lots of fellow players and will be able to see, collectively, just how well other players are doing when playing the exact same slot as you, and this should soon show you just how fair and random these types of games can be.

It should also be noted that you are going to be earning just as many comps and will be awarded just as many bonuses when playing multi player slots as you would when playing any other type of online slot games, so you will not be going short in regards to getting lots of additional playing value.



Currently you are going to have to find a Microgaming software powered casino at which to play at if you want a diverse range of multi player slot games. We have a number of these casinos listed and reviewed on our website so feel free to check them all out and read through those very informative reviews.

Be aware that should you take any casino up on any new player or any ongoing player bonuses that site is giving away, do make sure that you are permitted to play multi player slots with that bonus, as sometimes those slot games cannot be accessed and played with a bonus in your account.

If you find that the players you are sat playing with are not being social then you can always log out of the slot game and then reload the slot and you will then be allocated a seat at another slot, where a new set off players will be found!

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