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How Do Professional Players Play Online Slots?

days-of-the-tsar-slotWhen you hear the term professional slot player, you will often be a little wary as to whether such a type of player really does exist. For as every single slot game you can play, either in a land based casino, online or at a mobile casino site is completely random how it can be possible to make constant profits from such games of chance?

There are however quite a number of players who would class themselves as professional slot players and many of those players have moved their slot playing action online as opposed to playing slots optimally and for profit in land based casinos.

In fact, it is very true to say that as soon as any slot player does find out there are a small but dedicated number of professional slot players out there who do play online slots in such a way they get more winning sessions than losing ones, they will be very interested to find out how those players can achieve such steady profits.

With that in mind below we are going to be taking a look at just a couple of ways some players do tend to make constant and steady profits playing online slots, but probably and in fact much more likely in a very different way than you play them.


Online Slot Tournament Professional Players

One type of slot player you may be blissfully unaware of is those players who only ever take part in online slot tournaments. There are lot of casino sites that do offer their players slot tournaments. However, there are some ways that players can enter them to guarantee that they will always win one of the prizes on offer on those tournaments!

The processional slot players who do take part in online slot tournaments are going to be on the hunt for the ones that have the very highest valued prize pools, and they will then put into play a playing strategy that will require them to spend quite a large amount of cash to guarantee they will win a prize but will still end up in profit after their entry fees have been deducted from the prizes hey win.

The way in which they do just that is by entering slot tournaments that offer continues, they will then simply take an initial entry and when that entry has been played off they purchase a continue and carry on playing.

They will keep on buying continues until they have worked their way right up to the one of the higher prize payline locations on the Leaderboard!


Bonus Hunting Slot Players

Another type of online slot player who is going to increase their chances of winning time and time again is bonus hunters. How those players put together their slot playing strategy is that they will initially sign up to every online casino they can find.

Once they have signed up to each casino, which could turn out to be hundreds of them in total and they will claim the new player sign up bonuses on offer at those casino sites. Then they simply wait until each casinos tarts to offer them ongoing bonuses and they will then study each bonus and make use of only those highest valued deposit math bonuses.

By claiming high valued deposit match bonuses and those which come with the very lowest play through requirements the professional slot playing bonus hunters will then only play the low variance slots which offer the highest RTP’s as by doing so they get a much increased chance of cashing out winnings from playing off their bonus credits!



When you do hear about so called processional slot players you do have to keep in mind that playing slot games in such a way that you do get a slightly increased chance of winning will take a lot of time and effort.

Also any slot player who is playing to win will also have to have a very strict playing strategy that many other players will find very boring and tedious. With that in mind you may much prefer just taking your chances when playing online slot games, and if you win you win and if you lose you lose!

However, never be afraid of claiming casino bonuses or playing at casino sites that are offering generous comp clubs as you can often extend your play time and ever so slightly increase your overall winning chances with no real effort required when you do so.

One thing that you should always be actively looking to do is to play only the slots which have the very highest payout percentages on offer on them, as you will get more of your stakes retuned over the long term as winning payouts when playing those slot games online!

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