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How do Random Jackpot Slots Work

mega-moolah-5-reel-drive-slotYou may have heard the joke about a church goer, who every Sunday would drop to his knees and ask God to help him win the lottery the coming week. Weeks went by with no response, until finally God responds telling the church goer to at least buy a ticket in the lottery so he can help him win!

Well, this is very similar to the way in which we could describe how Random Jackpot slot games work, you will find these types of slot games at Casinos Powered by Real Time Gaming Software, and the slots on offer at those sites which have Random Jackpots attached to them as known as the Real Series slot.

When you play these slot games you simply have to play them in a real money mode, and for any stake level to have a chance of winning the randomly awarded progressive jackpots. However in much the same way as a lottery works, the more entries you have in a lottery will give you a better chance of winning, and as such the higher the stakes you play these slots for, then the more chances you will have of being awarded a Random Jackpot!

There is no skill involved in being awarded a Random Jackpot, for a random number generator will determine just when the jackpot is going to be won, and it is at the end of any one single paid for spin you play that is when you will discover whether you have been awarded the jackpot or not!


How do you know you have won a Random Jackpot?

As the reels come to a stop when you are playing any Real Series slot game if you have been awarded the random jackpot then a message will be displayed on the slot games screen alerting you to this fact.

As soon as you are awarded one the entire jackpot as displayed on the jackpot meter will then be added to your casino account and that jackpot meter will then be reset back to its seed value, and will slowly start to grow in value as more players give that game some play time.

Each real money spin of the Real Series slot games five reels will see a tiny amount of your stake being fed into the prize pool, so the more you are staking the more you are feeding that jackpot. However, you will always have a chance of winning no matter how much you wager.

If you are a high rolling player and play for very high stakes and stick to playing a Real Series slot then you will naturally have more chances of winning one of the Random Jackpots than a player who is playing that slot for pennies, but either player can win one of those jackpots, which is why these games are popular with players.

There has been quite a number of low rolling players who have been lucky enough to win a Random Jackpot, so never be put off giving them any amount of play time solely due to the fact you only have a limited amount of cash available in your gaming budget, for if Lady Luck saddles up next to you when playing you could be the next winner of one of those jackpots.


Are Random Jackpot Slots Network Wide?

The Random Jackpot slot games are only networked into the casino at which you are playing them. This is quite an important aspect of playing them that you need to be aware of for this means that unlike other suppliers progressive slot games which are linked into different casinos that use their software, you will find the jackpots attached to the Real Series slots are going to be won only by players playing at the casino you are accessing and playing at.

This means the jackpots cannot and do not grow to the huge values often seen on slots such as the Mega Fortune Slots or the Mega Moolah Slot, but they do grow to values which makes them worth winning and they are won very regularly!

There are far too many Random Jackpots slot games for us to mention and list on this slot playing guide, however if you are looking for a few examples of which games may be to your liking then please do take a look over the Bulls and Bears Slot Game which should keep you entertained and amused along with the Derby Dollars Slot game which comes with its own set of bonus feature games which are triggered as you are playing the base game.

Real Time gaming have also brought out a varied new range of slots which can and do award not one Random Jackpot but two of them, and as such if you want to have twice the chances of winning one of them then be on the lookout for their Vulcan Slot game or their fast action Count Spectacular Slot game as both of those slots have two jackpots on offer and anyone playing them at any moment and for any stake amount could win a large sized jackpot at random!



Please be aware that it is not only at Real Time Gaming powered casino sites that you are going to find a range of Random Jackpot slot games on offer. For sites using both Microgaming Software and Playtech Software have a range of these slots on offer.

If you choose to play at Microgaming software powered online casino sites then look out for their Mega Moolah Slot games as these slots have four random jackpots that can be won. If you prefer the many different slot games on offer at Playtech software powered online casino sites then give some of their Marvel Jackpot Slot Games some play time for these slot can and do award some fairly large valued Random Jackpots!

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