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How does Variance Affect My Winning Chances?

mega-moolah-isis-slotThere is a lot to learn about playing slot games, for whilst you may think that every online slot game is designed in the same way there are in fact many unique aspects to every single slot machine available online that will always make some of them much more appealing to you than other ones.

One thing that you will be interested in learning about is something known as variance, all slot games offer a different level of risk to plays, and the name given for risk and volatility in regards to slot games is variance.

You will find that every single slot machine you will come across and can access and play at all online casino sites will offer one of three different levels of variance. These are low variance, high variance and medium variance.

The slots which are low variance games offer players a low risk playing structure and format as lots of lower valued winning payout are likely to be spun in when you play those types of slots, medium variance slots tend to offer more medium valued winning payouts and high variance slots offer players the chance of winning a mega sized winning payout but spin in fewer of the lower valued winning payouts.


Playing Very Low Risk Slots

By setting out and playing the low variance slot games then you are  going to find that many of your slot playing session are going to be long ones, for the way in which those slot games award the lower valued winning payouts on their respective pay tables will see your bankroll not dwindling away too quickly.

As such these are often going to be the types of slot games to play online or via a mobile device when you are playing for low stakes or what something of a fully rounded type of slot playing experience.

You will often find that it is the jackpots on offer on low variance slots that are going to be low in value and as such you should not have any difficulties easily finding these types of slot games to play online.

If you want you are always more than welcome to play a range of low variance slots online via the free play option just to make sure you do actually like playing them and if so you can then switch over and play them for real money.


High Risk Online Slot Games

As long as you are fully aware that when you choose to play high variance slots that you will be putting your bankroll at risk when playing them and that your bankroll may not last very long then these types of slot games may just be very appealing to you.

There have been some mega winning payouts awarded to online slot players who did get stuck into playing high variance slots online so there could always be one of those huge winning payouts wanting for you when you send the reels spinning on these types of slot games.

If there is one tip we would like to pass onto you in regards to playing high variance slots it is for you to play them only for low stake amounts, as by doing so you will have a much better chance of getting more spins out of your allocated bankroll and any spin you do send into live play could turn out to be one of the mega paying ones, with some luck in playing.

Also never forget that if you do win big by continuing to carry on playing high variance slots you could end up losing back your winnings so instead of running the risk of doing that make sure you cash out your winnings or at latest a high proportion of them!



If you do fancy playing slot games today or in the very near future then make sure you do test out and play a range of different slots on which different types of slot game variance are on offer for you will soon discover just which types of slots appeal to you the most.

You will find we have reviewed quite a number of different casino sites on our website and not only that but you are going to find a huge number of individual slot game reviews, so please do make use of those reviews for they are going to let you know just what each slot game has on offer via its playing structure, variance and its bonus games and bonus features too.

One range of slot games that many slot players love playing are those available on the Cryptologic Gaming Platform and as such please do feel free to checkout that section of our website for details of just what types of slots games are going to be available to you in either a free play or real money playing environment when you play their range of slot games online!

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