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How Many Bonus Games Can I Trigger Consecutively?

pub-fruityBonuses games attached to slot games are one of the best aspect of those games, for as soon as you have triggered any type of bonus game you often have a chance of winning way more than you could ever win on the base game of the slot you are playing.

Therefore slot players are going to want to trigger as many bonus games as they possibly can do, and one question that a lot of slot players will like to know the answer to is just how many bonus games and bonus features could they possibly trigger consecutively when playing any one slot machine online or any mobile slot game.

There is no answer to that question for every single slot machine you will be able to access and play at any of our top rated and highly recommended casino sites are all completely random so you could trigger and be awarded with any number of bonus games consecutively, it will all be down to luck whether you do get lot of them triggering on the trot!

However, if you do love playing slot games that do offer you a much increased chance of triggering bonus games an bonus features then make sure you play some of the many different fruit machines available online or at a mobile casino site, for you can often trigger a large number of bonus games and bonus features consecutively when playing those types of gaming machines!


Try Some Wheel Spinning Bonus Game Slots

It can often be the slot games on which you can trigger a bonus wheel spinning feature game that will award you with lots of those bonus games in fairly quick succession and as such do try and track down some of those types of slot games for the winnings could be there for the taking.

Some of those types of slots will award simple cash payouts via their wheel spinning bonus games or many card some additional bonus games such as free spins or pick and match bonus games.

However, do look out of the wheel spinning slot game bonus feature games that will give you the chance of winning a progressive jackpot when you send the bonus wheels spinning as those types of slot games really will be giving you the maximum excitement!

For as soon as the bonus games have been triggered and awarded to you and as those bonus games are playing off you will then have the maximum winning potential, so with that in mind give them a try when you can do so as you will enjoy playing them for sure!


Slots with Multiple Bonus Games on Offer

Makes sure that if you are seeking out a fun and very entertaining type of online slot playing experience you make a point of playing the slot games on which there is more than one bonus feature or bonus game on offer.

You will find plenty of those types of slot games are on offer at casino sites using for example NetEnt or Playtech designed slot games, however keep in mind when you choose to play at a Rival powered casino site you will also come across a lot of unique slot games.

Some of the slots to play at a Rival powered sites will be their ring of i-slots, for when playing those games the more you play them over the long term the more different bonus games and bonus feature you will trigger, and as such they are some of the most entertaining and most exciting multiple bonus game awarding slots available to all online slot players, so do give them a whirl soon!



As long as you keep in mind when you are playing any of the thousands of different slot machines and slot games at our featured casino sites that every single one of them is completely random in their design then you will be in for a fun time when playing any of those casinos slot games.

You will often find that when playing some bonus game awarding slots you could trigger a lot of bonus games and bonus features in quick succession, however on some gaming sessions you have you may never actually trigger any or very many bonus games.

But over time due to the slots being random you will get a fair spread of bonus games and bonus features triggering and being awarded to you!

If you are after slot games that will always award you with a huge number of bonus games and bonus features then you should consider playing some of the many different fruit machines that are available at many online and mobile casino sites for those games are famed for their very regularly and frequently triggering bonus games and features!

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