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How Many Free Spins I Can Re-Trigger?

There are two thing you will like to see happen when you play a video slot game offering you the chance of trigger a set of free spins, and they are that the free spins feature round does trigger and that as your free games are playing off you re-trigger the bonus game too.

One question that you may have in regards to playing free spins awarding slot game is just how many times it is possible to re-trigger a set of free spins, and that will ultimately be determined by the actual design of the slot.

Some slot games will not have a bonus game that can be re-triggered whilst some can re-trigger a set of free spins either a certain number of times or offer an unlimited number of re-triggers. The latter types of slots however will usually have a maximum payout limit players can win from a set of free spins.

Always keep your options opened as an online real money player for you are going to find plenty of different structured slot games, many of which will be offering you far more bonus games that you find appealing and will enjoy playing too!


Unique Free Spins Bonus Games

Slot game designers are always seeking out new and very imaginative ways that they can put together and structure their slot games to make them as appealing to players as is possible.

As such it may be worth your while checking out some of the more recently launched video slot games on which free spins bonus games can be triggered and awarded to you, as often those much newer slots will have some very exciting and potentially high paying features built into their bonus rounds.

Some slots now offer players the chance of taking one of several different options in regards to how they can play off a free spins bonus game, and as such you will be able to select the type of variance at which a set of free spins will play off.

Sometime you can have all the luck in the world when playing bonus game awarding slot games and will trigger bonus game after bonus game, however the opposite can also be true, so always keep that in mind and never become obsessed with playing a slot until you trigger its bonus game, for it could cost you a fortune to keep on playing it until it does!


Which Slots Offer Free Spins?

There was a time when the only category of slot games that did offer players the chance of triggering sets of free spins were video slot games however recently some of the older styled three reel slot games have been designed in such a way you can trigger those types of bonus games hen playing them.

However, as there are so many different ways that you can trigger sets of free spins and a huge and ever growing number of different ways free spins bonus games can play off, you should always read through the pay table of any such slots you come across just so you know how their respective bonus games will play and pay.

Also keep in mind that as it is the bonus game on which you do have the chance of winning much more that on the base game then you should try and play slots in such a way that you can play off as many base game spins as possible.

For the more base game spins you do play off the more of a chance you will then have of triggering a free spins feature round!



There are going to be risks attached to any slot playing session you have unless of course you choose to play free play slot games online. By actually playing several different bonus game awarding slot that you may never have come across before you will be able to see how they all play and pay and then pick out the ones you wish to play for real money later on.

Savvy free spins awarding slot players are always going to get a sixth sense for whether a slot is going to award them a bonus game, and will often stop playing if they feel a slot isn’t about to award them a bonus game, and whilst that is only a sixth sense, if you do feel a slot isn’t really paying anything out then you would be best advised to stop playing it.

In fact, always try and play lots of different slots when logged into any online casino during one playing session, as that way you will never get bored playing the same slot game over and over again, so always try and play several slots as any of them may payout big!

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