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How Many Fruit Machines are Available Online?

pub-fruityYou may never have come across fruit machines before if you live or reside outside of the UK for these are a type of slot machine which has a completely different type of playing structure than anything you will have come across before.

Unlike when you play casino styled slot machines when you choose to play a fruit machine there could be an element of skill required to play off some of the bonus games which can be triggered and awarded to you.

However, the main attraction of fruit machine is that there are a huge number of them that you can play online and as such if you are looking for some very exciting slot games to play then we can highly recommend these types of slot games to you!

The main aspect to playing fruit machines as opposed to three reel classic slots or video slot games is that you are always going to be triggering lots of different bonus games and bonus features as you play them.

In fact fruit machines are also known as AWP machines which means amusement with prizes, and as such you will certainly be getting lots of amusement and entertainment when playing them and will of course have the chance of winning some large cash prizes too!


What’s Unique about Fruit Machines?

Fruit machines all run in cycles and as such when playing them they all have a payout percentage that they have been designed to payout at the end of each one single cycle, and as such depending when you play them you could start playing when the fruit machine is nearing the end of a cycle and needs to increase the RTP to ensure it complies with the one it has been set to return to players.

When that situation occurs you will then be guarantee of winning a series of winning spins as the game makes up its payout percentage. However, you do run the risk of playing a fruit machine that has just paid out a series of high valued winning payouts.

If that games RTP is currently higher than what it has been set to return and it is nearing the end of a cycle then the fruit machine will not award you any winning combinations as it tries to lower its payout percentage to the one it has been set to payout!

Many players have mastered there art of knowing just where a fruit machine is in regards to its playing cycle and will only then start to play those fruit machines that they know are about to payout and will always avoid playing those fruit machines that are not going to pay anything out to them for quite a while until they start their next cycle!


Fruit Machine Bonus Games and Bonus Features

As mentioned above fruit machines are a type of slot game that have been designed to give players the absolute maximum fun and entrainment value when they are playing them and as such let us give you a quick insight into some of those bonus games and bonus features that can be awarded to you when you are playing them.

There are holds on offer on virtually all fruit machines and when you trigger this feature before you click on the start or spin button you can then hold any or as many of the reels in place for the next spin which may give you an increased chance of then spinning in a winning combination.

Nudges are another very commonly triggered bonus feature when you are playing any type of fruit machine and when you are awarded with this feature you can use the number of nudges awarded to you to move any of the reels downwards one at a time with the aim of you then lining up on the win line a winning combination.

There are also a massive range of different bonus games and bonus features that can be awarded to you when playing these types of slot game including bonus boards and bonus trails, wheel spinning based bonus games and higher or low themed bonus games!



As you have just discovered there is going to be lots of fun and entertainment on offer to you when you start to play fruit machines, however as there are going to be such a very large number of base and bonus game features they will take a little getting used to!

With that in mind please have a look around our website for we have plenty of online as well as mobile casino site offering  a large and impressive collection of fruit machines all of which you can play for free whilst you get used to the way they all play, pay and operate.

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