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How Many Slot Apps Can I Download?

game-onMaking the decision that you want to start playing slot games on your mobile phone will see you having two options in regards to which you can access and play mobile slots.

The first way which you are going to be able to access all mobile compatible slot games is via the web browser on offer on your mobile device. However, to do so you have to type into that web browser the web address of the casino you wish to play at and then work your way around that website finding the slots you want to play and then waiting for them to launch when tapped into the web browser.

Playing a range of mobile slot games via a mobile web browser can be a little tricky and certainly time consuming however there is a much easier way that you can access mobile slot games and that will simply entail you downloading a casino app onto your device.

Please do take a good look around our website for more and more of our top rated online casinos are now offering their own casino app, and by downloading that app onto your mobile device you will have access to a huge and growing range of different slot games and slot machines.

If you are wondering just how many casino apps you are going to be able to download onto your mobile device, well you will be able to download as many apps as you like but it will be the amount of storage space available on your mobile device that will ultimately determine just how many apps you can install onto that device.


Benefits of Playing Mobile Slot Games

As you may never have played mobile slot games via a casino app before you may be wondering if there are any benefits of doing so and whether you will have to make any compromises when you choose to play slots in that way.

So with that in mind we shall now give you a quick run through of what is on offer at all casino sites via their respective apps and we will let you know what additional benefits and little extras will be on offer at those casino sites offering their own unique mobile casino apps.

Bonuses are the first thing you may be worried about should you decide to start playing casino slot games via an app, well we are happy to let you know that all of our featured casinos offering an app will give you access to just as many different bonuses as are on offer via their respective online casino sites.

Also when you do decide to download an app when you are entering your username and password to gain access to the games available on that app you will also be given the choice of logging in as either as a guest player or a real money player.

By doing the former you will be able to play the range of games in a free play environment, so you will be able to play mobile casino slot games for free just like you can when accessing any online casino site.

The payout percentages that you are going to find attached to all mobile slot games are exactly the same as the same type of slot machines you are going to be able to access and play at any online casino site.

That does of course mean you will always have plenty of winning opportunities as both mobile and online slot games RTP’s are often set way, way higher than any land base slot game you could play!

One final thing to be aware of is that by playing slot games via a casino app at any of our top rated casino sites you are automatically going to be signed up for those casinos loyalty schemes when you register as a new mobile player.

So when you log into those casino apps, make a deposit and then start to play the slot games in a real money playing environment you will be earning comp points on each real money spin on the slot reels you make.



You really are going to have just as much fun and entertainment when playing at a mobile casino site via their casino app as you would when playing at an online casino site. Just as many new slot games will also become available to you via a casino app so there will always be plenty of brand new slot games to play.

Plus if you are a fan of playing progressive slot games then all of the casino app slot games which offer a progressive jackpot have their jackpot pools networked into the online casino sites offering the very same games.

That means that the progressive mobile slot game jackpots rise very quickly and you have the exact same chance of winning a life changing progressive slot jackpot when playing at either a mobile casino site or an online casino site!

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