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How RNG’s Ensure Slots are 100% Fair

zany-zebra-slotThere is often one question that many slot players will ask whenever they start playing slot games online, and that is how they can be 100% confident that the slot games they will be accessing and playing are completely fair and random.

You will find that when playing at any of the casino sites reviewed and showcased throughout our website each of them are powered by one of the leading online casino gaming platforms, and each of the games offered on those sites whether slot games, card and table games or video poker games have been tested and verified as being completely fair and random.

There are a number of companies who specialize in testing the fairness of all online slot and casino games, and these companies are completely independent of the actual casino game designers. Once a game designer has launched any new slot or casino game and have tested it out thoroughly themselves they then pass the game over to the testing company who run their own series of vigorous tests and will, when they are confident everything about the design of that game is as it should be, verify and certify it as being a fair game.

However, any casino game you play will also be controlled by something known as a random number generator. This is a device that is going to keep on churning out a completely random sequence of numbers and it is those numbers that are randomly selected which will determine whether you have a winning spin on a slot game or a losing spin.


How Do Random Number Generators Work?

The way in which a random number generator works is quite simple, it is a device that will randomly select numbers using one of several different methods, there can in fact be several ways any RNG will ultimately select a string of constant numbers, however they all tend to have the desired effect and the numbers they churn out will not be predictable.

As soon as you click on the spin button of a slot game, that machine will then send a single request to the casinos random number generator which will in turn send back to your slot a completely random number, the slot games software will then use that number to present to you on the slot game screen a series of reel symbol combinations which will then spin in.

This will ultimately result in you having either a winning spin or a losing spin, or the requested number can also be used to determine whether you are going to trigger a slot games bonus feature round or even be awarded with a progressive jackpot!

There are millions of different reel combinations that can spin in when you are playing most online slot games, and this is where a random number generator will always ensure you get a fair chance of winning, for as soon as the requested number results in you ending up with a large paying winning spin as the next spin you make will also be randomly selected and determined it is possible to have a series of very large paying spins on the trot!


How do I know online Slot Games are fair and random?

The only way that you are going to be able to be assured of accessing fair and completely random slot games online, which by the way are the only types of slot games you should be looking to play, is by sticking to play at casinos that use one of the more well known and established gaming platforms.

By playing at such sites you will find that every game they have every launched and each new game they make live on their gaming platforms have been tested not only by the game designers themselves but also by a third party game testing company.

Not only that but the actual online casino sites that use their gaming platforms will have, as part of those casinos obtaining an online gaming license, had to have their games certified as being fair and random before their licensing jurisdiction and licensing authority will issue them with a gaming license.

With that in mind we would strongly advise you to ensure that the casinos at which you are playing at are first and foremost licensed in a recognised jurisdiction and that the gaming platform and software is from a well know and established company.

You will sadly, find some online casinos are not licensed anywhere and their gaming platforms are not well known at all, in fact many of these unlicensed casino sites will not give you any information what so ever in regards to who designed their games nor whether they have been certified as being fair and random and when playing at such sites you do run the very real risk of playing unfair and non-random slots!



You will find that here on our website we only showcase and present to you a range of top rated online casino sites that have all gone to great lengths to prove that beyond any doubt, their range of slot games and all of the other games those casinos have on offer are fair and random.

With this in mind we can and are 100% confident that any of our showcased and top rated casinos that you choose to play at are going to give you a very fair range of games which means you will also have a fair and sporting chance of winning when playing any of the games they have available!

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