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How to Avoid Slot Game Bonus Traps

gladiator-slot-free-spinsOne thing that many players can fall into when playing some slot games are bonus game traps! There will be quite a lot of bonus games and bonus features attached to quite a number of different video slots or even three reel slots that could force you to have to spend a small fortune to trigger them.

Even when those bonus games have been triggered and awarded to you they may actually turn out to be very low paying bonus games.

It is with that at the forefront of our minds that we have put together the following slot playing guide, that will alert you and bring to your attention some of the slot games offering bonus games that could be best described as a trap and may just have been designed to part you from your bankroll in a way you may not be aware off!

There are of course lots of different slot games available online and you will probably have your own personal favourites, but please do read on and at the very least be aware of how some of the following slots have been designed and structured as you may be best off avoiding them when you are next thinking of playing slot games online!


Collective Slot Game Bonus Features

When you play some slot games you will find that you will be spinning in special bonus symbols, and as they do spin in they will be saved up on some form of grid or box displayed on the slot game screen.

The aim of those types of slots is to save up enough of those bonus symbols as you are playing off any number of base game spins and then when you have amassed enough of those symbols some form of bonus feature or bonus game will then be triggered and awarded to you.

However, those types of slot games offering a collective bonus game feature as they are known can often turn out to be expensive slots to play, for no slot player is going to want to stop playing a slot when they only need one more symbol to spin in to trigger a bonus game or bonus feature.

But you will often find it could take a huge number of additional and expensive base game spins before that one final reel symbol spins in, and the payout you may achieve when playing off the bonus game or feature may be a very low one!


Pick until Stop Bonus games

Another type of slot game bonus feature that could very quickly get to annoy you or disappoint you when it has been triggered is a pick until stop type of bonus game. Those types of bonus games are usually triggered by you spinning in a set of bonus symbols on an activated payline.

However, that will then force players to have to play every single pay line attached to any such slot to have the maximum chances of triggering that bonus game. For if a player does not activate all of the pay lines he or she runs the risk of lining up the bonus game awarding reel symbols on a payline that has not been activated and put into play and as such they will not trigger the bonus feature game!

In fact, when you play off a pick until stop bonus game you will be faced with picking off locations from the bonus game screen until you reveal a stop symbol, but if you are not that lucky you may reveal it on your very first pick, meaning you will then not win anything from that picking game!



If you do want to have something of an enjoyable slot playing session and not one that could drive you to distraction, then try and play slot games which award their respective bonus features by a set of spun in scatter symbols.

The main advantage and benefit of playing those types of bonus game awarding slot machines is that you will not be forced to save up and type of reel symbols to trigger the bonus feature game and you will not be forced to have to play every single pay line too if you do not want to play max line spins.

Whist it can often be the case that a bonus games final winning payout will be determined by the stake levels you are playing for, if you do play a scatter symbols triggering slot game you will always still have a very fair and reasonable chance of winning big from that bonus game no matter how many pay lines you have in play and no matter what stake levels you are playing those slot games for, so do give them a try when you can next do so!

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