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How to Configure Playtech Slots

ice-hockey-slotIt can often go unnoticed by a lot of online slot players that you can actually adjust the way a lot of different online slot games play. With that in mind if you choose to play at Playtech software powered online casino sites you are going to find the following slot playing guide of interest.

Below you will find an overview of how you are going to be able to tailor your own unique slot playing sessions and for the ultimate and most enjoyable online slot playing session then that is something you should be looking to do.

It has to be noted that you are going to find the largest number of different option settings on offer on the slot games which make up the downloadable suite of casino games offer at a Playtech powered site, so if you are prepared to wait the couple of minutes it will take to download that gaming platform it will certainly be worth the wait in the long run!


Speed Option Settings

You are going to find a range of different speed settings on offer on many Playtech slot games and as such they will allow you to play any of the games they are attached to in a way and at a speed your prefer playing them for.

If you like playing slot games of example then you are going to be able to set the slots to spin their reels slowly or speed the rate at which the reels spin and stop and as such is you have just a limited amount of time to play slot games online then make sure you set the slots to play as quickly as they can do via those speed settings.

On casino games such as card games and table games you are also going to be able to speed the rate at which the cards are dealt out to you. Other casino games from Playtech that have fully adjustable speed option settings include roulette games and video poker games.


Sound Options

You may prefer to play casino games with all of the sound effects switched off and de-activated, and this is of course possible when you play Playtech designed games online. However, always keep in mind that some of their latest casino games, more so the slot games come with highly advanced sound effects.

Should you be looking for  a fully enveloping type of online slot playing session then do make sure you have all of the sound effects tuned on and activated as by doing so you will be guaranteed of an enjoyable and very entertaining slot playing session.


Screen Size Options

Depending on just how you are accessing the range of games when logged into any Playtech software powered online casino site you are going to find a range of different screen size option settings. When you are playing via for example a mobile phone via the Playtech mobile gaming platform the size of the games you are playing will of course fill your screen.

However, when playing on a computer you are going to be able to adjust how much of the screen the games you have chosen to play will cover. Make sure that you consider making the games visible via the largest full screen size setting as by doing so you will never miss out on any of the animated graphics that can come into play on games such as the slot machines, and those can and will add another dimension and level of entertainment to your slot playing sessions.


Staking Options

Free play options are of course on offer on all Playtech designed games, however keep in mind that to have any chance of winning for real you will have to play those games for real money!

There are of course a range of different coin value and chip value settings on offer on all Playtech casino games and as such do not be put off playing at any casino site offering their range of games as there will be a stake potion available that suites you play budget.

However, some games do offer enhanced payouts when you play them with the maximum stake levels in place, and as such always do checkout the pay table attached to games such as the older styled three reel slots or video poker games and some progressive games.

For by making a note of the pay tables attached to those Playtech designed games you will soon discover if there are any benefits to be had of placing maximum stake bets on any of the games you are looking to play or not as the case may be!



If you wish to play around with the option settings and all of the configurable settings offered on Playtech designed casino games then do remember that when you play their range of downloadable, instant play or even their brand new range of mobile casino games you are going to be able to play them in a free play environment.

That free play range of games is an ideal way for you to get to grips with all of the unique option settings and configurable settings on offer on all of their games, so why not allocate a little free play time today to Playtech’s many different slot games to allow you to set the games to a way you enjoy playing them, and then use those exact same settings when you next choose to play their games for real money!

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