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How to Flush a Withdrawal

hellboy-slotOne of the downsides to playing at an online casino site is that when you have won and then proceeded to make a withdrawal of those winnings, you will often find that you withdrawal sits in a pending state for what could turn out to be just a few hours or at some online casino sites a few days or in the worst case scenario a few weeks!

When you have any amount of cash in a pending state then you will be given the option of doing something known as a reverse withdrawal at the vast majority of online casino sites, and that will see you being able to cancel your withdrawal and have your winnings credited back into your casino account.

Many casinos like to give the impression that by offering this reversal option it allows players to be able to carry on playing with their winnings instead of those players having to make another deposit. However, as a player you will have requested a withdrawal with one thing in mind and that is to allow you to get those winnings funds sent back to you!

It can be too much of a temptation for many casino game players who have funds in a pending state, and you will often find that if you have just had a winning session playing any real money casino game you will be itching to carry on playing in the hope your winning streak will continue.

However, in the vast majority of cases when a player makes a reverse withdrawal those players will end up losing back their winnings! With that in mind in this real money casino game playing article we are going to look at ways in which you can remove the temptation of your reversing any winnings you have requested to be withdrawn from your casino account!


Instant Paying Casinos

One thing you should always have on your checklist of wants and demands when you are looking for a new online or mobile casino site at which to play at is just how long that site is going to take to pay you out all of your winnings when you have requested any size of cash out at those sites.

There are going to be several different factors to take into account when you are looking for a casino site at which to play real money casino games, such as where you live in the world and what withdrawal options you want to get paid your winnings by.

With that in mind do take a look round our website for we have listed several casinos that will pay you out all of your winnings more or less instantly, and that will mean you withdrawals are never going to sit in a pending state for any amount of time!


Requesting a Flush Withdrawal

Another way that you will find it going to keep the temptation of you reversing a withdrawal is for you to request that your withdrawal is flushed. You will need to get in touch with the casinos customer support team after you have made a withdrawal and ask them to flush the withdrawal.

Not all casinos offer this service but when you are playing at a casino that does when you request your withdrawal to be flushed it will be removed from its pending state and sent to the casinos cashiers’ team for processing. This will mean you will then not be able to reverse your withdrawal!

But do be aware that as mentioned not every single casino site you are playing at will allow you to reverse a withdrawal and if you do feel that you are going to possible try and reverse your winning cash out you should uninstall the software for that casino site so as you do not get tempted to log into your casino account and reverse that withdrawal and run the very real risk of you losing all of your winnings back!

There is no worse feeling you can have as an online or mobile casino players than for you do win a large amount of cash but then due to your own lack of will power you lose those winnings back by reversing a withdrawal, so do try and resist the temptation to do that as it will often end in tears if you do!



It is also worth noting that many online casinos and mobile casinos too will allow you to set a range of different playing limits and game session limits and as such that would be another way for you to remove the temptation for reversing a withdrawal.

You should always try and put into place a maximum deposit limit when playing at any online casino site and also make use of their session time limits too for you can often get carried away and lose track of time and the amount o money you are spending when playing online casino games!

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