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How to Maximize Value on Cash Back Bonuses

robin-hood-slotGetting the best value out of any bonus that you have claimed when playing any type of slot games is often not as easy as you may think! For each bonus offer you do accept is going to have, as standard, a large number of rules in regards to how you can play off that bonus, more so with the deposit match type bonuses.

However, as a player at any of our top rated online casinos then as a regular player you are going to be offered many additional types of bonuses and not just deposit match type bonuses, and some of those bonuses will offer you tremendous value which could see you ending your session in profit if everything goes as planned on that real money gaming session when you have opted in on the promotional offers and bonuses.

One bonus type which is becoming much more popular is a cash back bonus, and as the name of these bonuses does suggest, you are going to get a proportion of your losses returned to you at the end of one casino game playing real money session.

However, you do need to be aware of a couple of things when you make use of one of these bonuses and we shall now go into a little more detail in regards to which cash back bonuses are going to give you the very best playing value.


High Percentage Cash Back Bonuses

Whilst you are going to be playing real money casino games with the aim to win something when playing those games you opt to play, as all casino games are games of chance then you have just as much chance of losing when playing any game online!

When you come across a casino offering you cash back bonuses then you should always try and make use of those promotional offers which will usually require you to opt into those types of promotions. You are then going to be able to play the casino games on offer as part of that bonus deal for real money, and will, if you lose, get a percentage of your losses back.

The losses are going to be worked out as the money you deposited into your casino account less anything left in your account at the end of the casino game playing session. If for example if you deposited let’s say 200.00 in your casino account and at the end of that session you only have 50.00 left in your casino account then you will have lost 150.00.

The casino will then award you with a percentage of those losses back. If the cash back bonus is 50% of your losses then in our example you will earn a cash back bonus of 75.00. However, one thing that you need to be fully aware of is that each casino that does offer their players any type of cash back bonus is going o structure them in a different way, and as such the very best values bonuses are those on which you get a higher percentage of your losses back.

You are going to be much better off claiming a 50% cash back bonus for example than a 10% cash back bonus, and with that in mind always be prepared to do some hunting around for the casinos offering the biggest percentage of your losses back.


How Cash Back Bonuses are awarded

One final thing to keep in mind if you do come across a high valued cash back bonus at any online casino site you have chosen to play at is how that bonus is then going to be returned to you. Some online casinos will award you with your cash back as bonus funds and as such you are going to have to play through those bonus funds a certain number of times as per the play through requirements on those bonuses, and as such those bonuses are very poor valued ones and not strictly cash back bonuses!

However, many online casino sites and some of the newer mobile casino sites and even live Dealer Casinos are going to give you your cash back as real money credits, and those sites that do so are then going to allow you to do with those funds what you wish to do with them which could include your withdrawing them or use them to carry on playing their casino games.

Those real money cash back bonuses are therefore the ones that you really do need to be on the lookout for as they offer you the very best value and will always help chosen the blow somewhat when you have had a losing session!



You may or may not be interested in claiming bonuses when playing at an online casino, but out of all those you are likely to come across and will be able to make use of we know the cash back bonuses, especially those on which your cash back is awarded as real money credits are the best valued ones.

For by claiming them you are always going to see a percentage of any losses returned to you and can then do with those credits as you please, and by sticking to playing the better paying game you may not actually make a loss but if you do then at least you will know there will be some free cash coming your way when the cash back is than added to your casino account.

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