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How to Tell If an Online Slot Has Recently Paid Out

boogie-monsters-slotWe are aware that many slot players who play at online casino sites have their own unique systems in place in regards to them picking out just which slot games to play on any given session they have at those online casino sites.

Many players will be looking or slots which haven’t paid anything out recently, and as much the thinking behind choosing a slot to play that hasn’t been paying out much recently is that the slot is well overdue to do so and by playing it that player could strike gold and in the overdue jackpot!

However, knowing which slot games have or have not paid out recently is often not that easy, for unlike in a land based casino you can now physically see other players playing and winning or losing on any slot games!

There are a couple of ways that you will be able to find out just which slots may or may not have paid out recently and below we will take a look at how that is possible when you are playing at some online casino sites, so please do read on as all will be revealed to you in the following sections of this article!


Recent Winners List

Many online and mobile casino sites want you to know just how much their players have been winning at their respective casino sites, and one way that they do that is by listing on their websites a full overview of just which players have won the highest amounts when playing any of their slot games.

So one way that you are very easily going to be able to find out just which slots have been paying out recently is to look at the website of the casino site you are playing at and then take a look t their recent winners lists.

That list will usually give you the username or the initials of the name of the player who has won, the slot game or games they were playing and also just how much they won. As many of those lists are updated in real time it will be very easy for you to discover just which slots have been hitting and paying out the largest amounts very recently or even in the last few minutes!


Jackpot Thermometer

Microgaming powered casinos are quite famed for having lots of built in option settings on all of their slot games and by making the wise decision of playing any of their range of slot games you will find you can always configure their slot machines to play in a way you find appealing.

However, what you will also find when you are looking through the list of their slot games on offer at any casino site via the games menu, is that each slot will have something that is known as a Jackpot Thermometer displayed alongside them

That will give you either a hot or cold reading, and it is based on how many times if at all that one particular slot game has paid out its jackpot payouts based on the average length of time they are usually awarded.

So when playing Microgaming’s range of slot game you will have the ability of finding out just which slot games are hot and are paying out or which slot games are cold and have not paid out their respective jackpots very recently, which may help you select a slot you fancy playing based on that valuable information the Jackpot Thermometer offers you!


Casinos with the Best Range of Different Slot Games

Some casino sites sadly only offer players small collection of slot games, and you really do need to avoid playing at those casino sites for you will soon get tired of playing the same slot machines over and over again!

To enable every single one of our website visitors, no matter in which country they are living, to find a casino site at which they will find hundreds of different slot games throughout our website you will find reviews of the very best casino sites using a different type of gaming software platform.

So spend as much time as you like looking through our reviewed casinos sites and also do spend some time comparing the bonus offers and promotional deals available at each of those sites. For by doing so you are going to be guaranteed of finding some very high valued bonus offers that are going to be credited to your casino accounts instantly.

You will also find each of our casinos sites has their very own slot comp clubs too, which will also you to earn even more additional bonus credits based on just how much you wager, win or lose, on each of their slot games!

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