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Increase Your Chances To Win In Online Slots

Online slots, or the slots – is one of the most popular entertainments in the online casino today. Like most of the casino games, it is a game of chance, and therefore winnings in online slots mainly depend on chance and the theory of probability.

Nonetheless, certain advice and strategies for slot machines still exist, but, unlike other casino games, in slot machines the gambler has less impact on the outcome of the game. In any case, the use of certain strategies can help to reduce costs, for example, through the timely lowing interest rates or simply improve the gambler’s mood, so every gambler chooses whether to play, relying on a strategy, or to do without it. Below we are giving some recommendations, which may be useful to any gambler who wishes to increase his chances to win in online slots.

1. First of all, you should remember that the strategy that allows winning at slot machines always doesn’t exist. If you are offered to buy the so-called «secrets of slot machines, of course, it is possible to buy them, but it is hard to constantly win on them.

2. Before the game it is desirable to study the rules of the game in the online casino and find out for what prizes and awards you have the right. Gamblers often ignore the rules of the game in the slots and eventually lose because of ignorance. Never start to play on slots online just because you can’t wait to try something new, ignoring all the rules.

3. Beginners should play on more simple slots and eventually move to more complex.

4. Don’t play by too small bets. In the game of online slots, you should almost always play by the maximum bet, because it offers the best chances. The game on the smallest bets is unlikely to be successful. For example, at a bet of 1 cent per line the maximum benefit will be equal to 100$. But such prizes in 10 000 bets occur very rarely. Of course, small bets give the opportunity to play long enough, however, there the mathematics enter into force – the more you bet, the potentially more you will lose. Meanwhile, betting all the money on one spin is also not an option. And although the potential benefits here will be the maximum, the element of chance is too large. Optimal is a rate not exceeding 1/20 of the amount that you are willing to spend on the game in the slots. If the maximum bet in a particular slot machine is too high for you, you should consider switching to a machine with a more affordable maximum rate for you.

5. Machines with three barrels are good starting points for playing in the online casino. The jackpot will be more modest, as well as the risk to which you are going. 4-barrel and 5-barrel slots, in which there are single, double or triple bars, sevens, or other symbols, as a rule, offer a higher jackpot, which, however, will be difficult to obtain.

6. The strategy of gradual increasing the bets is, perhaps, the most common model in the game of slots. It is based on the assumption that sooner or later a well-paid line or the bonus game falls out. For example, supposing that the average gain on a bonus or on the line in the machine is 300 bets. The game is played at a bet of 1$. If before you have played 300 spins, the bonus fell out, that is larger than or equal to 300, you have won and you can pick up the winning. If you have lost 300 bets, you need to raise bets to 2, then the expected gain will be already 600 bets. Losing 600 bets, the bet should be increased to 4, etc. The system is based on the assumption that the loss of a good line or bonus covers the previous loss. A disadvantage of this strategy is that a significant amount of money is required for its realization and in the case of «a black strip» (a long bad luck) you will simply lack enough money.

7. Before the beginning of the game you must determine in advance the amount that you are willing to spend in online slots, as well as the amount of winning at which you will stop playing and pick up the win. The proper management of the bank, i.e. determination of the amount of winning or losing, at which you will immediately leave the slot machine, is an essential condition of a successful game in slots. Many gamblers in online casino believe that, if you double your bet, it’s time to stop the game and cash out your winnings. The gambler, who is persistent in his attempts to win the money back no matter how much he will lose in this case, is undergoing a big risk.

8. Often the decision to increase the bet during a good game is often successful. If the machine starts to “give well” the gambler should try increasing. Algorithms of random number generation (RNG), of course, are not disclosed by the producers; however it is known, that in some cases, the administration may set a higher percentage of payments to attract gamblers. If you are gambling in the casino at this moment, you have the chance to take advantage of this opportunity.

9. If you have received a major winning in slot machines, immediately stop the game, be sure to make a long break and don’t play at least two weeks. Many of the major losses occur just after big wins.

10. Play by small periods of time on one machine, limiting the total time of the game. If the machine does not produce good wins during a long time, stop the game and try later.

11. Take the time to check out different slots and try to play the progressive slots, because they offer the highest payouts and the best value. It is important to remember that, when you play on the progressive slot machines, bets should be as much as possible.

12. For the game you should choose the slot with a maximum payout percentage. It is recommended to choose slots offering, at least 98% of payments with a progressive jackpot.

13. There is also the strategy of game for the jackpot: if the jackpot has won a lot on the slot, sometimes the percentage of the return of the machine can far exceed 100%, and playing into such a machine becomes mathematically profitable. However, this is a very risky strategy, because it may require a huge amount of money.

14. Try sometimes taking the risk. Relying on the success can bring a good win. Even sometimes try to play, let’s say, one spin at the maximum rate or double several times.
And some more psychological advice, since the control of emotions is probably the most important component of success in the slot machines:
– Think of the money made in the casino, easily. Think as if you already don’t have it. Worries about the losing badly affect the state of the gambler; the person begins to either throw money or, on the contrary, play too small. And in both cases the chances to win are reduced.
– Don’t play for borrowed money, and do not try to solve your financial problems playing the slots.
– Don’t sit down to play, being drunk, because in such a state it is much more difficult to cope with emotions.
– If you lose, don’t try to win at any cost, because it will lead to the even greater loss, if not the loss of the entire amount.

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