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Increase Your Winning Chances Playing Video Slots

riviera-riches-slotAre you interested in increasing your winning chances when you are playing video slot game online? Well if you do play slot games regularly then you will of course be looking for every way possible to get more winning combinations spinning in when playing those games online!

We have put together the following guide to show you a few very simple ways that you are going to be able to get more winning opportunities, and as such we invite you to take a look through this guide, for with some luck in playing there are some large amounts of cash that can be won when you play slot games online!


Playing Progressive Slot Games

There are dozens of different types of progressive slot games that you are going to be able to access online in fact you will also find a very large number of them are now available to you if you have a mobile device! Many of our listed and approved casinos have their own mobile gaming platforms on offer and you will find the networked progressive jackpots are all linked up to both the mobile and online gaming platforms.

If you do want to play some progressive slot games today and want to increase your chances of coming away a winner, then be on the lookout for jackpots that have grown in value on any slot game over and above the usual amounts they are won at.

As soon as a slot games progressive jackpot has become overdue you will find lots of players tend to play that slot game and the jackpot increases in value even faster. You are much more likely to win a progressive jackpot when it has become overdue than you would when playing it when the jackpot has recently be won by another player.

However, never forget that anything is possible when you play slot games online so a jackpot can of course be won at any time as they are all random. But do be on the lookout for very high jackpots on slots that have not paid out those jackpots for quite a while!

Also one final very important thing to note when you are playing progressive slot games and that is to make sure you play them in the way that will see the jackpot being activated and on offer, as often you have to play maximum paylines or maximum stakes to have the jackpot on offer to you!


Bonus Game Awarding Video slots

If you love the type of slot games on which you can trigger free spins, be awarded with pick to win bonus game or trigger any type of bonus games and bonus features then we shall now take a look at how you can increase your chances of winning when playing those types of slot games online.

The first thing you need to do is to find out the payout percentage that all of your favourite slot games have been designed to return to players over their long term play. Once you know the payout percentage then the simple rule is for you to stick to playing only those slot games which have the very highest payout percentages attached to them.

By playing those slot game you will always get much more of your stakes returned to you over your long term play! Another thing to find out is how the actual bonus games are going to be awarded to you when playing a video slot game online.

If there are a set of scatter symbols which trigger for example a set of free spins then it does not matter how many lines or the stakes you play for you will always have the same chance of being awarded with that bonus game as anyone playing maximum lines or maximum stakes would!

However, if the slot game you are playing has a bonus game awarded by lining up bonus symbols then you will need to play every single payline that slot has on offer to get an equal chance of triggering the bonus game. Playing fewer than the maximum number of paylines instantly reduces your chance of triggering the bonus game!


As you always have hundreds and hundreds of different slot game you can play online then make sure you pick out the better paying slot games as mentioned above. You really will notice you get some much longer slot playing sessions when you play slots with high payout percentages and you will naturally get more winning combinations spinning in!

Also try and take part in some freeroll slot tournament online, for with no entry fee to pay on those types of slot tournaments but with real cash prizes on offer you could win a large cash payout without ever having to spend any money!

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