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Increasing the Chances of Winning a Progressive Jackpot

major-millions-3-reel-slotOne aspect of playing any type of progressive casino game that players are going to be interested in is learning how they can increase their actual chances of winning the progressive jackpots on the games they have chosen to play.

If there was some magical way for players to be able to predict when any casino game was going to award its progressive jackpot then there probably wouldn’t be many casinos still in existence, as players would only play those games when they knew the jackpot was due!

However, it is of course totally impossible to accurately predict when a slot game or any casino game that boasts a progressive jackpot is going to payout that jackpot, but there are a few ways of playing those types of games which may slightly increase your chances of winning one of the jackpots on offer.

Below are a few different playing hints and tips which may be of interested to you in the hope that you can increase the chances of winning a huge amount of cash, when you next log into your online casino of choice and give their progressive games so play time. So have a read through this guide as you never know you may just win one of those huge jackpots by taking note of what we are about to tell you!


Progressive Jackpots that are Overdue

Anyone who has a passion for playing progressive jackpot awarding games should always be on the lookout for games that have jackpots attached to them that are overdue. By this we mean hunt down those games offering jackpots that are way higher than the usual amounts paid out as the jackpots by those respective games.

Finding out the jackpot payout history of most online casino games is not as hard as it may sound as many websites track the value of all progressive jackpot paying games and will offer you the chance of viewing the history of the jackpots won on those games.

By taking note of when any particular game that has caught your attention usually pays out its jackpot then you can keep your eyes peeled for that game when its jackpot grows to an amount of cash way higher than it usually grows to.

When you find a game offering a higher than average jackpot then it may pay dividends for you to give that game some play time, for the more overdue a progressive jackpot has grown in value the more likely it is going to payout its jackpot in the very near future.

It is quite rare for progressive jackpots to be won on any one game in very quick succession and as such you will get a slightly increased chance of winning such a jackpot by only playing those games offering a jackpot way above it usual average payout amount.


Games which Award their Progressive Jackpots Regularly

It is going to be the range of slot games that offer a number of random jackpots found in many online casino sites that you should be looking to play if you want a much increased chance of winning a progressive jackpot. Casinos that use the Real Time Gaming Platform for example have a range of Real Series Slots which boast such a feature.

When playing slots such as their Football Frenzy Slot game when playing them for absolutely any stake level, you could be randomly awarded a progressive jackpot at the end of any paid for spin on its reels you have just played off.

These random jackpots do not tend to grow to huge amounts of cash and as such are regularly awarded to players, so do consider giving those types of slots some play time if you are hoping and dreaming of winning a progressive jackpot as you may just do that!

It may also be worth your while looking for slot games such as the Mega Moolah Series of Slots which have pride of place in the gaming suite of all Microgaming Software Powered Casinos. For when you choose to play those particular slot games you could be awarded a special bonus game at the end of any paid for spin of the reels.

This bonus game, when triggered, is going to see you definitely winning one of four different sized progressive jackpots, and to find out which one you are about to win you need to spin a  special bonus wheel which is divided up into different segments.

Whichever segment ends up facing the arrow will determine whether you win a small valued progressive jackpot or one that is going to turn you into a multi millionaire!



One final piece of advice that we would like to pass onto each of our website visitors, is that you should never become obsessed with actually winning a progressive jackpot. Whilst the temptation to play some casino games due solely to the size of the jackpot on offer can prove too much for some players, the odds of you winning any progressive jackpot are going to be very large indeed!

If you do enjoy playing progressive casino games whether they are slot games, video poker games or card and table games, always set aside a certain amount of cash to play those games with, and as soon as you reach that limit stop playing!

If you become obsessed with winning a progressive jackpot you will more often than not bust out way before the jackpot finally gets won, and it may not be you that wins that jackpot anyway!

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