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Is it Wise to Increase My Stake Levels When I’m Winning?

There is going to be something of a temptation for you to increase the stake you are playing slot games for, as soon as you start to experience a winning streak on the slot game you are playing, and that temptation is often far too strong to resist for many slot players!

However, what you always need to keep in mind is that you should always treat your bankroll with respect, for if you do end up increasing the stake you are playing any slot machine for, that slot game could suddenly turn cold, and if it does and you have increased the stake levels you are playing it for those winnings you achieved early could get eaten up very quickly.

One strategy that many slot players will adopt is to slight increase the stakes they are playing slot game for when they are spinning in lots of winning combinations or triggering lot of high paying bonus games but only do so for a small number of consecutive spins.

If those additional spins played off for a higher stake amount are not winning ones then either reduce back down your stakes or leave the slot and either cash out your winnings or find another slot game to play!


Best Casino Games to Play

You are always going to find that you cannot resist playing a certain type of casino game and with there being so many individual games in each category you will never go short in regards to set how many game you can play at any casinos sites.

However, what you will be hoping happens when you do set about playing casino games for real money is that you get as much play time as you possibly can do out of your set aside bankroll and you also win as much as you possibly can do!

The one way that you will always get much more play time over the long term is by tracking down the slot and other casino games that offer the best payout percentages, as those games will give you more in winnings form your bankroll over the long term.

If you play slot games for example that boast a payout percentage of over 97% then you are going to get much more play time and many more winning payout son those slots than you ever would when playing for example a slot game that has a payout percentage of just 92%, so keep that in mind when selecting just which slot and casino game sot play for real money!

When to Cash Out Your Winnings

Knowing when the best time is to stop playing and cash out you winnings is something that not many casino and slot game players know and fully understand, however if you do want to have more winning sessions than losing sessions it is something you will need to think long and hard about,

One good strategy for playing for example slot machines is to set a winning goal when you start playing them, you could opt to stop playing when and if you manage to increase your starting bankroll by say 50% and that is going to happen many more times than if you choose a 100% winning goal!

It is of course up to you and you along not only when you choose to play slot games in  any playing environment for real money and it will be your decision when you stop playing and cash in your winnings and lock in a profit.

But keep in mind that you should always try to cash out your winnings if and when you do win big as you will always have the temptation of carrying on playing when playing any type of casino games!



We are often asked what the very best stake level to play any slot games for is, and that will be determined ultimately by the value of your current available bankroll and also by the type of slot games and slot machines you wish to play.

If you are playing for example a video slot game that offers a set of free spins via its bonus game, then you are going to be way better off trying to get at the very least 150 spins from your bankroll, as that way you will have a much greater chance of triggering the bonus game than if you only played off a small number of spins on that slot.

However, always try and activate every single pay line on the slot games you are playing to ensure you never miss a winning combination spinning in and also to ensure that you do have the maximum chances of triggering the bonus games and/or bonus features attached to the slot game you have chosen to play too!

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