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Kings of Gambling.

Gambling business is associated with concrete people. The attitude towards them is diverse. Someone think that they are talented businessmen. They respect these people and follow their example. However someone on the contrary despise such businessmen. It can`t but be mentioned that these people are no doubt uncommon and very often adventurous personalities. They feel society`s necessities of this time and of course they can value the potential of new enterprises. Only such people can earn milliards of dollars in gambling business.

Sheldon Adelson.

Today he is the richest person in the world of gambling. He possesses the corporation of «Las Vegas Sands» which has casino-hotels «Venetian» in Vegas and in Macao. Sheldon Adelson`s life reminds a classical story of the American Dream. Adelson was born in 1993 in Boston. His family was poor Judaic-Ukrainian emigrants. He started working since the early childhood. The first money he earned by selling newspapers in the street.

Though Sheldon had no education he became one of the best financers of America. Working as a financial consultant he gave new life to approximately 50 companies. Adelson was probably the businessman who sure in the future of IT. The national of IT-technologies «COMDEX» exhibition is his creation. In 1995 the Japanese bought it for 860 million dollars.

This businessman appeared on the market of gambling in 1989. He buys Las-Vegas casino-hotel «Sands». Earlier it was Frank Sinatra`s possession. Sheldon realized opening of other casinos in Vegas is very banally and quite unprofitable. For this reason he decided to convert the gambling capital into the national business centre with an aim to attract famous entrepreneurs into his casino. They were potential gamblers. Several years passed and Adelson opened «Sands Expo» business centre. In 1991 he put 1 and a half billion dollars into the building of such a casino-hotel as «Venetian». A new casino was oriented not only on gamblers but also on businessmen that came to his business centre. Many specialists admitted that «Venetian» is a very beautiful casino-hotel in the whole world. You can find there more than 4000 rooms, about 18 restaurants, market centers. All of this are on the background of Venetian canals where gondolas flow and gondoliers sing their beautiful well-known songs.

May 2004 is the time of opening casino «Venetian» in Macao. It was known as the first of Las-Vegas type casino in Asia. May 2006 is the time when he got a permission of building casino in Singapore which supposedly was planned to be created in 2009. His aim was to put more than 3 billion dollars to build it.

According to the «Forbes» information today Agelson has got 16,1 billion dollars. It is the 14th place in the rating of the world of the planet richest people.

Kirk Kerkorian.

Without any exaggeration in the sphere of industry of gambling he can be named the most experienced personality. He is a legendary person. He can be the father of Las Vegas. Kirk was born in 1917 in Fresno (California). His family consisted of Armenian emigrants. When Kirk was young he took up boxing and took part in the competitions. However at the age of 22 he realized that he wants to give up sport and his aim was to learn to fly. During the World War 2 Kirk became the pilot of the royal air-force in Britain.

In 1947 Kirk came back home and purchased a small airline company. Its price was about 60 thousand dollars. This company specialized in charter flights Los-Angeles – Las-Vegas. Kirk ended this business in 1968 when he sold it and earned 108 million dollars.

Visiting Vegas quite often he realized that this city had a great potential. In 1962 Kirk bought 80 acres of land on the well-known The Strip. It was close to the legendary casino «Flamingo». He paid 960 thousand dollars for this land. The investments were not vain. Then there was gambling boom in the world and many companies wanted to take up gambling business. So on Kirk`s land famous casino «Caesars Palace» was built. At first he rented the land and in 1968 he sold it and earned 9 million dollars.

1967 is the year when Kirk bought 82 acres of the great land and built here «International Hotel». It was the biggest hotel in the world. To popularize hotel and to attract the potential gamblers Kirk recruited Elvis Presley who performed on stage. He also obtained casino «Flamingo» and later in 1970 Kirk sold it to the Hilton Corporation.

In 1973 Kirk invested a great sum of his means for buying «MGM» film studio and also theb he opened «MGM Grand» casino hotel. This hotel became the biggest in the world.

Today Kirk Kerkorian possesses «Tracinda» Corporation which has the main block of shares «MGM Mirage» (casinos in Nevada, New Jersey, Macao, etc.). Kirk is interested not only in gambling business. He owns 10 per cent «General Motors» shares. All of this make him the 53rd in the world «Forbes» rating. He has 8,7 billion dollars.

Steve Wynn.

The third serious gambler in the gambling entertainment market of Macao and Las-Vegas is Steve Wynn. 1942 is the year of his birth in the state Connecticut. Steve differs from Kirk and Sheldon because he got a good American education. Steve graduated from the Pennsylvanian University. Soon after graduating from the university Steve started his own business. His dad owned of bingo-clubs in eastern America. When Steve was still a student his father died. For this reason Steve continued father`s business.

Steve`s carrier in the big business started when he was 25 years old. Having earned a small sum of money Steve bought a share of Las-Vegas casino-hotel «Frontier». And together with his wife Steve moved there to live permanently.
Having no money to open the casino of his own Steve got acquainted with the owners of already existing casino and offers his help in renewing their establishments. The reconstruction of «Golden Nugget» casino was known as his first work. Steve converted this unremarkable casino into a luxurious establishment which began to be success with gamblers.

Steve recommended himself as a serious person and earned a good sum of money. After that he wanted to put his money into buying the shares of other casinos with the aim of their further reconstruction. The next great project was the renewing of «The Mirage» casino. Steve thought that it must have become the most remarkable rich and elite Las-Vegas casino. He intended to build there a large park and an artificial volcano. He desired also to make here the best apartments and service. Steve wanted this casino look luxurious. So the project was not very expensive and Steve managed to make his ideas true to life. For a long time «The Mirage» casino converted into the most remarkable Las-Vegas casino bringing huge incomes.

After this carrying out this work Steve entered the world history of gambling forever. Steve himself continues realizing his conception «luxurious casino». He renews «Bellagio» casino-hotel with an artificial lake, picture gallery of great artists, nice boutiques and many restaurants.

Steve was a very hard-working person and this quality helped him to take the place among the richest people in Vegas. He was the owner of several casinos. In 2000 he earned money for selling «The Mirage» to «MGM Grand» company. Later the company was renamed as «MGM Mirage».

A great part of money Steve spent on building of a new establishment which opened in April 2005 at the place which was known as «Desert Inn». This new Steve`s creation was named «Wynn Las Vegas».

Las Vegas interests are not everything for him. Steve invests money into subduing of the Asian market. In the nearest time he aims to open «Wynn Macau» casino.

Steve has earned 2,1 billion dollars and he takes the 365th place in the world famous «Forbes» rating.

Stanley Ho.

Stanley Ho is the richest personality in the sphere of gambling business in Asia. For more than 30 years he practically alone ran gambling industry in Macao. Stanley was born in 1921 in Hong Kong. His great grandfather was a Dutch Jew who married a local woman. Ho`s Clan was one of the richest and the most well-known in Macao. However Stanley didn`t manage to use this wealth of this family. His father became bankrupt when Stanley was a student. Because of the financial crisis two brothers of Stanley died as a result of suicide. Stanley was left alone with his two sisters and a mother. In spite of all the troubles he graduated from the Hong Kong University successfully and after graduation he can speak three languages.

Stanley began his carrier in the market firm in Macao. At the age of 21 he became firm`s partner due to his business qualities and knowledge of several languages. Ho got his first capital as a result of a very unpleasant incident. Stanley ran the marine market. During one of the races the ship with a great sum of money was attacked. Many of the people were killed and Stanley almost himself resisted the group of bandits and gave money and the ship back to the owner. Firm valued Stanley`s bravery and awarded him with one million.

In 1943 Ho put his money into building business. His new company was located in Hong Kong. There was a great building boom in Hong Kong at that time. That`s why Stanley got good dividends from his business.

However his ambitions are not limited in the building business. Together with his partners he won monopoly right to open gambling establishments in Macao. 410 thousand dollars is the sum of money with the help of which he won the tender. For 35 years Stanley`s company became the monopolist of gambling market in Macao. Stanley invested all his money in this company. By 1972 he had 9 casinos including casino-hotel «Lisboa» which was one of the most beautiful casinos in the world.

In the 60s Ho opened 9 casinos on the Philippines. However due to the conflict with the president of this country Stanley had to give up his business here.

Apart from casinos Ho became the owner of the majority of betting shops and totalizers. In 2003 Macao`s budget was 30 per cent of means that came from Stanley`s companies. His business provided more than 10 thousand people with a job. In 1998 Ho became the first famous resident in Macao on behalf of whom the local street was named.

However everything sooner or later comes to the end. Ho`s idyll ended in 2000 when Macao`s government decided to cancel gambling business monopoly. Since 2002 Ho had to share gambling industry with the Americans Wynn and Adelson who at once used the opportunity to charge the Asian market.

Today Stanley Ho has got 6,5 billion dollars and he takes the 84th place in the world «Forbes» rating.

Donald Trump.

Successful businessmen rarely deal with only one kind of entrepreneur`s activity. Gambling business usually stands by the main business. The famous American politician Donald Trump uses gambling industry in such a way. Trump`s sphere of interests is very wide. First of all it is real estate, Mass Media and restaurants. It`s not a secret that such person became interested also in the gambling business.

Trump paid his attention to the developing Atlantic City. So he opened three casinos there. Now Trump possesses «Trump Taj Mahal», «Trump Plaza» и «Trump Marina» in Atlantic City.

Having 2,6 billion dollars Donald Trump takes the 278th place in the world «Forbes» rating.

Calvin Ayre.

Almost all spheres of life were influenced by the fast development of IT. Gambling business was not an exception. Today it is possible to play any club poker to stake on sport events without leaving the house. The only necessary thing here is the usage of the Internet.

Calvin Ayre was the explorer of online gambling business. Calvin was born in 1961 in Canada. When a student he worked by selling fruit. In such way he earned 10 thousand dollars and organized an IT-company.

He may have been working in the software production now if once he didn`t read the article about the process of taking stakes through the telephone. After reading the article he decided to re-qualify his establishment. In 1994 he created «Bodog Entertainment Group». Believing in the Internet potential he began to develop gambling business there. With the help of web-portal people got the possibility to make stakes online and then to play casino and club poker.

In March 2006 Calvin`s photo appeared on the «Forbes» cover. He became the first online gambling businessmen who could be found in this prestigious magazine. According to «Forbes» Calvin managed to earn 44 million dollars. With this sum of money he took the 746th place in the world rating.

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