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March 2015 Progressive Jackpot Alerts

treasure-nile-slotAs we often like to do as each month progresses, we are today going to be taking a look at just which online progressive slot games are looking ready to drop! As you will know there are a huge number of progressive slot machines which can be accessed online and as soon as one or more of those jackpots become overdue they are bound to be won sooner or later.

With this in mind in the following progressives jackpot playing article we are going to highlight just which slot games currently have some large and overdue jackpots, and as such when you do next decide to play slots online then checkout the following slots for if the jackpots haven’t just been won, then each of them will be worth playing!


Playing NetEnt Progressive Slots

If you find yourself logged into a NetEnt software powered casino site then one slot game that will be worth playing is the Hall of Gods slot, this slot at the time of compiling this article had a jackpot of €5,944,059 on offer which is considerably larger in size than the average jackpot this slot game has been awarding players. So make sure you do pencil that slot game into your slot playing diary sooner rather than later!

It has been over 205 days since the Arabian Nights slot game last paid out its jackpot and as such the jackpot on that slot now stands at a very appealing €2,369,489 which is over €1,000,000.00 more that the slots average payout amount, and as such you really should be looking at playing that slot game as soon as you possibly can, as that progressive jackpot may be about to be won by one lucky player and you will want that lucky player to be you!


Microgaming Progressive Slots About to Hit?

As some of the most played online progressive slot games are found in the gaming suite of Microgaming software powered casino sites, then we should of course take a quick look at just which of their slots have some large and attractive progressive jackpots currently available upon them.

One thing to note if you are looking for slots to play offering large and ever growing jackpots, is that when you win a progressive jackpot playing a Microgaming slot game you are always going to be paid out that entire jackpot in one large lump sum payment. Unlike many other slot game designers, Microgaming insist that all of their progressive jackpot winners get paid their winnings in one single payment no matter at which casino sites those jackpots are won at!

Let us now introduce you to some of their progressive jackpot paying slot games which may be worth playing in March 2015.  One progressive slot game always worth playing at Microgaming powered sites is their Mega Moolah slot, there are four jackpots attached to this slot game and the largest one currently stands at an enormous £6,407,695, and as you can hit that jackpot when playing this slot for any stake amount we suggest you do try and play it as soon as you can do as that jackpot is huge!

Also make sure you take a look over the 9 payline Treasure Nile slot game found in all Microgaming casinos, for this slot usually awards its jackpot quite regularly however it has not been won for some time and as such now stands at an amazing £174,101.

Just make sure that if you do decide to play the Treasure Nile slot you put into play all nine paylines and the progressive jackpot is only paid out to players who manage to line up all five of the jackpot paying reel symbols on the ninth payline, and if you do not play 9 paylines per spin on this fixed coin slot game then you will never win that jackpot no matter how hard you try!



By playing progressive slot games you will always have the chance of becoming a multi millionaire when you play some of the very highest paying progressive slots. However, we would like to make you aware that the actual way most slot games will award their jackpots can and does vary and as such please do make sure when playing these types of slot you play them in the way that ensures the progressive jackpot can be won.

Whilst many of the randomly awarded progressive jackpot paying slots you will come across online can and do award their jackpots to any player irrespective of the stake so paylines they are playing for, some slots required you to play maximum paylines spins or put into play maximum bet spins to have the chance of winning the progressive jackpot.

If you do play a progressive slot game without wagering in the way the slot requires you to play it to have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot then you will never be able to win that jackpot. So always read the pay tables attached to the slot to ensure you know how each slot has been designed and structured and only play those slots in the way required to have a chance of winning the progressive!

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