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Most Frequently Won Progressive Jackpots

The progressive jackpot awarding slot machines are often slot you will not be able to resist playing one the jackpots currently displayed on some of them are the highest valued ones they have ever been.

In fact, progressive slot games tend to get the most collective play time from players all over the world once their jackpots have surpassed the highest jackpot amounts they have paid out, and in the history of online gambling there have been many players who have suddenly become instant millionaires thanks to a good run of luck playing such slots.

If you do enjoy the occasional slot playing sessions playing progressive slot machines then we feel the following guide will be of interest to you for below we are going to be taking a look at which are the most frequently won progressive jackpots attached to a range of different online slot games.

You will find all of the following slots are available to play at several of our featured casino sites so if you do fancy giving any of them a whirl those are the casino sites you should be signing up to and then playing at, so read out and then give some of them a try, you never know you may just win one of the following slot game progressive jackpots!


NetEnt Slots with Regularly Awarded Progressive Jackpots

It is the slot machines that have the much lower valued progressive jackpots that are the ones that get won most often at NetEnt software powered casino sites and as such if you do fancy playing a slot on which you can win a modest sized progressive jackpot then please read on!

You are going to find a range of that are classed as the Wonders slots when logged into any NetEnt powered casinos and as such those are the slot game which are much more likely to award you with a progressive jackpot at those sites.

You will also find a range of additional lots that could on any one spin you play off turn you into a multi-millionaire, and those slots are the Mega Fortune slot and the Mega Fortune dream slot games, however the jackpots attached and on offer on those two slot games can often goo weeks or even months before they are awarded to players.

So we would advise you to steer clear of those two slots and concentrate your playing efforts on the Wonders Slot Series instead for the best chances of winning progressive jackpot!


Microgaming Progressive Slots That Payout Their Jackpots the Most

Funnily enough it is the slot games that award their highest valued progressive jackpots the least often at Microgaming powered casino sites that also have progressive jackpots that are awarded the most to players!

The Mega Moolah series of slot games have four different sized progressive jackpot son offer and all players no matter how much they are wagering on each base game spin have a chance of winning one of those four progressive jackpots.

The lowest valued progressive jackpot is won every few minutes with the next higher valued progressive jackpot always being won regularly too. However, if and when you do decide to play any of the slot games that make up the Mega Moolah series f slot machines keep in mind that the two highest valued jackpots can take weeks or month to be won!

However, the main advantage of playing those slot sis that even as a very low stake player you do have the chance o winning big on any spin you play off as the bonus games that award those four different sized progressive jackpots are randomly awarded to players at the end of any paid game spin they have just played off.



If you are interested in learning more about how progressive slot games play and pay then be aware we do have literally hundreds of slot machine reviews throughout our website that you are more than welcome to read.

By doing so you will get a very good feel for just which slot machines are on offer to you at various different casino sites using different gaming platforms and you will also find out how much you can win when playing those slot games too.

You will only however get a chance of winning any slot machines progressive jackpot if you do actually play those slots for real money and often you will be required to have to play them in a certain way such as will all of the paylines activated or when playing them with max bet coins.

So always make sure you find out how any such slot machines does award its jackpot as there are lots of different ways progressive slots will award their respective jackpots to players!

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