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Multi Stage Slot Game Bonus Rounds

hellboy-slot-bonusIn this slot playing guide we are going to concentrate our efforts on presenting to you a range of video slot games which offer a bonus game which has been designed as a multi stage bonus game, the beauty of these types of feature rounds is that by successfully making your way through each of the available rounds some large winning payouts can be awarded to you.

There are no shortages of these types of multi stage bonus feature round awarding video slots on offer, and as such we invite you to checkout our individual casino and slot game reviews of which we have hundreds of them dotted around this website, and by doing so you will soon find your perfect slot game to play and also will find a top rated online casino at which to play those slot games at!


An Oriental Surprise Awaits you on the Lady of the Orient Slot

You will often find that is the bonus video slots which have 20 paylines that can and will award you some of the more ingenious and well designed multi stage bonus feature rounds, and the Lady of the Orient slot is one prime example of such a slot.

This slot in fact offers two different types of bonus features the first one is a fairly standard set of free spins, however when you manage to spin in three of the Lady of the Orient symbols on reels two, three and four all at the same time a multi stage bonus game will be awarded to you.

It is worth noting these symbols are also wild symbols so not only can you win big off the bonus game that triggers but depending where those symbols land some large base game winning payouts can also be awarded to you!

The multi stage bonus game is quite a simple one for you to play out on this slot, for when triggered you are faced with a pick to win bonus game and by matching three identical symbols underneath the positions you pick off the screen a bonus payment will be awarded to you, on completion of the first stage you then move onto the second and following that a third round is activated, on each stage of this bonus game you will be guaranteed of winning a cash payout.


Battle through the Tombs to Win a Huge Cash prize

Another 20 payline slot game that is going to offer you a very exciting type of multi stage bonus feature round when you manage to spin in a set of scatter symbols is the Pharaoh’s Tomb slot game, this is of course an Egyptian themed slot and we do know a lot of slot players always enjoy playing slots which have that type of theme, and as such it may be a slot for you to consider playing one day soon!

How this multi stage bonus game works is that as soon as three of the Scarab symbols spin into view then you will travel deep into the Tomb and be presented with three Sarcophagi, you need to pick one of them and you will either reveal a bonus cash payout, and if you do the game will end there and then and you will receive the bonus cash payout instantly.

However, if you reveal a key then you will progress though to stage two where you are faced with another three Sarcophagi and need to pick one of them, revealing a cash prize will end the bonus game and you will win that cash amount there and then, however reveal another key and a third set of Sarcophagi will be displayed.

Reveal the third and final key and you will then instantly win the Pharaoh’s Tomb prize which is a bonus cash payout worth 100 times the base game bet you wagered when the bonus feature round was triggered, so a large winning cash payout can be won during this bonus feature round if you make it through all of the stages!


Wander Through the Under Ground with Hellboy!

One of the most exciting multi stage bonus games you will trigger is available on the Hellboy Slot, this bonus game will be awarded as soon as you manage to spin in three or more of the Fist symbols anywhere in view on an single base game spin, however be aware the more you wager on that base game spin the more you stand to win when this bonus feature triggers.

How the Hellboy feature round works is that you will be given a range of different directions to travel in whilst working your way through some underground sewers, and you will be hoping to select the best route through those sewers as a range of obstacles may be put in your way.

The further you manage to travel the more you will win, but as mentioned earlier if you can afford to play for slightly higher stakes per base game spin then do as that will determine the payouts you will win during that multi stage bonus feature round when it finally is triggered by you!



As you will probably be selecting a range of slot games to play on your next online gaming session then make sure you pick a few slots like those we have mentioned above, for whilst you can never be assured of ending your session in profit when playing any type of slot game, by opting to play those which have multi stage bonus feature rounds on offer at least you will be getting the maximum entertainment value when they trigger!

If you are in anyway wary about trying out one of the above slots then why not sample them in a free play demo mode, by opting to sign up at any of our featured sites which carry the above suite of games you will always be able to play their range of non progressive slots for free and for as long as you like with an unlimited amount of free play credits.

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