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New Slots Planned for 2016

mad-hatters-slotThere are plenty of brand new slot games being released every single year, however in this guide we are going to be taking a look at what you can expect to be launched in the year ahead.

As you may be aware we have literally hundreds of slot game reviews located throughout this website, and we are constantly updating that section of our website with all of the very latest slot game releases, however in this article we shall take a look at the actual slot structures and bonus features which you can expect to find being attached to many of this year’s new slot games.


New Slot Playing Structures

The days of you having optional paylines attached to your favourite slot machines are quickly diminishing, for many of the brand new much player slots offer a completely different type of playing structure.

There are lots of new slots being planned for 2016 which come with an all ways or all pays type of playing structure, and when you are playing those slots you will have no choice other than playing every single in view payline.

Those paylines can include 243 ways to win, 1024 and even 3125 all ways and all pays playing structure, however one of the main benefits of you choose to play those types of brand new slot games is that you are not required to have to place a stake on each payline.

Instead you simply play a set number of coins which could be 25 or 50 coins to have all of the paylines offered on those types of slots in play. However, some of the new all pays and all-pays slots that are expected to be released in the year ahead may have a different minimum stake amount.

With that in mind always read through the rules and pay table of any new slot you do decide to play as that is where you will find the information regarding the staking options you will have available to you on those new slots.

There are also a growing number of what are known as fixed payline slots being planned for 2016, and when you choose of play those types of slots instead of you having a decision to make in regards to the number of paylines you activate you are obliged to play all of the paylines on offer on those slots.

However, the number of paylines on fixed payline slots as opposed to all pays and all ways slot games will be lower, and as such you may find them slightly lower stake slots to play. You will however also be given the option of adjusting both the value of the coins you put into play and will be able to play an increment of the minimum number of coins you need to wager per spin.


New Slot bonus Games and Bonus Features

You will find that there are going to be a huge number of never seen before bonus games and bonus features waiting to be triggered on many of the brand new video slot game which are going to start appearing in the gaming suite of all online casinos in the following year.

Whilst many of the bonus games will be the more popular free spins and pick to win style bonus game you can expect to find a range of slots on which you could win a progressive jackpot when the bonus games or bonus features have been triggered and awarded to you.

Also be on the lookout for some of the new slots this year which are going to have multi stage bonus round attached to them, for when those slot games trigger and awarded you with those bonus games you have the very real chance of winning very big indeed if you manage to make it through to every stage of their respective bonus games!



As you are always going to come across brand new slot machines when you are logged into your chosen online casino at various times of the year it will always be worth you taking a look through what those slot games have on offer by way of their bonus features and bonus games, before you start to play them.

The best way you can do that is to actually lunch the slot from the slot game menu and then click on the pay table button for click onto the slots rules button. By doing so you will then be able to read through those rules and pay table and ascertain just what the bonus games will be when they are triggered and will always discover how those bonus games are triggered.

If you are unsure as to whether you will enjoy playing those slot machines for real money you could always choose to give them a whirl via the free play options!

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