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New Year Slot Resolutions

king-cash-a-lot-slotThere is a very good chance that you may have made a few resolutions for the start of this New Year, and it is usually around this type of the year that people start to fail in their quest to keep to their resolutions!

It is with that in mind we have put together the following article which will take a look at some of the most common slot game resolutions that people then to make for the New Year and we will take a look at some ways you can stick to those resolutions if you have made any of them but are finding the temptation to play slot machines is too much to handle!

One thing that you do need to keep in mind when playing slot machines online for real money or in fact any type of casino game is that you should always play sensibly and stick to any budgets you have set yourself.

Due to the way that you are always going to be able to access slot games online or even by a mobile device if you do not have strong will power you may find the temptation of playing slots is too much to take and you may overspend which is something you will not want to do!


Keeping to a Strict Gambling Budget

If one of your new year slot game playing resolutions is that you are going to cut back on your spending then what you are going to find being offered to you at more and more online and mobile casino sites is a set of player configurable limit settings.

When you log into your casino account or log into the casinos banking interface you will be given the option of choosing how much you can deposit over any given time period, the amount of time you play slots and other casino games at those casino sites and also you can set a limit of how much you can spend or lose in any one or more gaming sessions.

With that in mind if you have set yourself a new years resolution that stipulates you will only spend so much each day, week or month then make sure you make full use of those limit settings to ensure you are never going to be able to spend more than your allocated gambling budget.


Trying to Cash Out More Regularly

One aspect to playing real money slot games online that you do need to seriously consider is to put into place a well thought out gambling strategy at any online or mobile casino site you choose to play at.

By doing so you will then always know when the best time to cash out and make a withdrawal will be. Many slot players in particular find it virtually impossible to stop playing when they are on something of a winning streak for they often get the feeling that they are invisible and will continue playing and playing and even increase the stakes if they are on a winning streak.

What more and more players have started to do however is to cash out half of their winnings when they reach a point in any gaming session when they have doubled their initial deposit amount as that will guarantee those players they will not have spent anything when they are winning and they will also cash out again, if they then double their casino account balance again in that slot playing session.

Make sure you do have a limit in mind as to when you will cash out when playing slot machines online, for by becoming a much more structured slot player you will never experience the heart breaking moment of losing back everything you have just won when the slot game reels are spinning your way!



If you are finding it hard to stick to any New Year slot playing resolutions then always consider playing slot games online for free if you get the urge to play slot games but do not want to spend more than you have set aside to play those slot games for.

However, if you do not enjoy playing slots just for fun and want to reign in your allocated bankroll and gambling budget playing any type of online or mobile slot machine then never forget that most casino sites now have daily slot tournaments.

By you entering those slot tournament you will always have a chance of winning real money prizes but you will find the entry fees are low or could even be free, so those slot tournaments are a great way of getting your real money slot playing fix but in such a way that you are not going to have to spend a large amount of cash playing slots online!

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