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One should play on slots wisely.

There is a category of gamblers who can’t count money for gambling at online establishment. It causes their running to extremes, wasting not only funds on deposits, but even money they didn’t manage to win. Some gamblers even try winning back using other people’s means. This signifies addiction, which we will not discuss in details. The operators know about bad habits of their visitors, so they tell gamblers to play on slots, so they can learn managing their money.

But this advice assumes no easy games in style of “playing slots in the mode of practice pretending having learned to plan your expenses”. Here we discuss a totally different method for getting rid of desire of revenge. This method consists in suggestion of the operator of one online establishment, who got very tired of government’s constant accusing gambling industry of dishonesty to gamblers and swindling out their money, using their weakness for gambling.

This operator offered the customers, who preferred playing slots, to try the brightest slots for the casino’s means, not specifying absence of ability to withdraw prizes, although the idea was in somewhat different.

So, these gamblers received quite large sums on their deposits and began playing slots of online establishment, rejoicing that incredible opportunity. Meanwhile the operator rubbed his hands in anticipation of impending denouement. The provider managed to choose very risky gamblers who spent on game fortunes. So, after some time many participants of experiment managed to win, which greatly expanded amounts of their deposits. But again, time passed, and money gradually faded in bets.

Meanwhile the operator offered gamblers to withdraw received prizes from their deposits, only a few agreed, after which the experiment continued. Eventually the participants, who refused to withdraw money from their deposits, playing slots, lost all the sums received from operator of the online casino. Result of this research was proving greediness of some gamblers that for obtaining the greatest benefits can run to extremes which later leads to their gambling addiction.

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