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Online Casino Secrets

Many players are busy looking for secrets that would ensure their wins at online casinos. Any search engine will return literally thousands of results with catchy titles like ’101 secrets of slot machines’ or ‘How to devastate an online casino’. Honestly, I have no idea what will happen to casinos’ welfare should you follow that advice, but I do feel that it is you who will end up bankrupt in the end. Those ‘secrets’ series and manuals greatly enrich their authors and sellers, but not you. You may stumble upon similar information in the public domain, but again, don’t rejoice too much, as such ‘free resources’ are as a rule sponsored by casinos themselves or partner companies. Such sites are easily identifiable by myriad banners advertising online casinos. Our site, by the way, is no exception. We, too, cooperate with casinos and host their advertisements on a paid basis. However, we have enough common sense to understand that every one of our visitors has to make up his/her mind about playing or not playing at a casino without being influenced by aggressive advertising. Enticing people to play is not our style. I recently had a short conversation with a professional roulette player on one thematic forum. He told me in confidence that he found one very sound piece of advice on a roulette-related site. Imagine how amazed he was to hear from me that the site, together with almost a hundred other similar sites, makes up a powerful network owned by a large Russian online casino. As you see, the advice on the Net can be elusive. Our recommendations will be laconic but useful. Take them as the most profound mysteries of online casinos. Don’t play slots.Never do it if you find yourself at an online casino. The probability of winning is minute compared to classical casino games. The exact chances could be learnt from technical documents describing the machine – but who on earth will let you look it through? Never confuse simple slots with video poker slots – despite their superficial similarities, the chances of winning on each of them are worlds apart! If you come to a casino just to relax and without any intention to become a rich man, however, playing a gambling machine could be your choice.

Video poker.

So, you chose to have a go at video poker, which is nice. The handicap of the casino in this type of game is kept at a minimum, but only if your strategy is mathematically justified. Those strategies are easily googleable, but be sure that you find the one which corresponds to the particular type of video poker you chose to play. For instance, if you aim to play Deuces Wild – pick a Deuces Wild strategy, and not that which is designed for All American Poker, Tens or Better or Aces and Faces.


Never play American roulette – it contains two zeros. Any casino offers alternatives in the form of European or better still French roulette.

Casino Bonuses.

Most bonuses are utterly unfavourable for players as they are bound by the necessity to win back the wager; they can often bind the deposit with the casino’s rules (the so-called ‘sticky bonus’). Many casinos hand the bonus to players after they made their first deposit. In this event, you had better contact the support team and ask them to nullify that bonus. Remember that this should be done before starting the game; otherwise they will not take the bonus back. Of course, not all bonuses are that tricky. We have already mentioned deposit-free bonuses; there are also special bonuses for VIP-players. All of these can be pretty beneficial.


When playing blackjack, stick to the rules of the basic strategy (BS) which is accessible in many places on the Internet.Money transfer within 72-96 hoursThis one is the most primitive but nonetheless efficient tricks played by virtually all online casinos. After you order your win to be transferred, the money is kept on a special account for 72-96 hours before it is transferred to the pay system you indicated. The catch is that you can easily return the money to your player’s account with a single click. A good many players fell pray to this, transferring the money back and continuing the game which almost never was as successful as before.

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