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Paylines In Online Slots

Examining the features of any slot machine in online casinos, the newcomers will once pay attention to the figures that are shown on either side of the screen of video slots, as well as on the column Lines (or «Paylines»). The thing that in some slot machines the maximum number of pay lines is one, and in others – another will also be noticed. In this article we will try to disclose such a feature of this exciting game, as the active lines.

Paylines (or active lines) – is a symbolic location of symbols on the screen of a video slot. If the same characters line up on one of the paylines indicated by manufacturers of the game of chance, the gambler receives a prize. There was only one active line in the first slot machines, that is, gamblers had to gather the same symbols in the Central part of the drums to be well-deserved reward. Modern slots can contain 5, 15, 20, 25 and more paylines, for which in case of successful deposition of symbols, cash prizes will be paid.

Practically in all the payment tables of machines in online casino there is information about the location of paylines on the screen of video slots, having studied which the gambler will already before the start of the fight with the machine imagine his chances for victory. Yes, the amount of paylines in the slot machine is an important feature, thanks to which you can decide for yourself if the selected game suits you.

How do paylines characterize the slots?
So, how can you understand if it is worth or not worth playing on the video slot and what you can wait from it? Conditionally all the slot machines in online casinos can be grouped in categories with relation of a particular machine to one or another class determined by knowing the number of active lines.

Up to 5 lines – «Rarely, but to the point».
To this group classic slots (3-barrel) can be attributed, in which the number of active lines is from 1 to 5. You will have to do a lot of useless spins before you will see on the screen of such a one-armed bandit three of the same symbols on one of the paylines. The prize in this game usually proves to be quite significant. Only the most patient (since the game runs pretty monotonous), or the most lazy (automatic game mode allows gamblers to simply watch the process from the side) can play on that kind of slot machines.

9-15 lines – «Neither fish nor flesh».
Slots in online casinos that are relevant to this group usually have 9-15 pay lines, consisting of 5 barrels. Form the name of the group we can make a conclusion that such video slots pay not very often, but not very rarely, with an average winnings crowding about the overall bet. Of course, from time to time there are large prizes, as well as useless spins, but in general, the game on such slot machines is monotonous, but the money flow from the account slowly, almost without notice.

More than 20 lines – «Little, but often. »
These are typical bonus slots, in which there are five barrels and more than 20 active lines. In such video slots at each spin any winnings can drop out, but in comparison with the total rate they are usually quite insignificant. Something worth winning is possible only in the bonus round, which often runs infrequently. In our days in the online casino you can find the slot machines that have 243 pay lines, which allows rotation after rotation feel yourself a winner, because symbols are about to gather in winning combinations.

So, the payline can tell you about the slot machine in the online casino quite a lot. If your account contains a decent sum of money, and you plan to increase your winnings to a large extent, then you should select the slot machines, related to 1 or 3 group. In the same case, if the deposit is insignificant and you just want to have fun and experience new feelings, the slot machines of the 2nd group are your choice. That is, even before the beginning of the game you can decide for yourself whether there is use in playing one or another game of chance in a virtual casino.

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