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People are beginning to play on slots oftener.

Korean authorities are very concerned that a surge of gambling addiction caused by games on slots began in their state. This step was taken by the government, as part of the Korean budget is irretrievably gone to operators of gambling establishments. Eventually they had to blame the Minister of culture and sport, who was forced to officially apologize to the Korean people. Further investigation resulted in finding out, that the Minister of sport influence developing of gambling business in network, giving the opportunity for appearance of not just gambling on the Internet, but also addiction to these games.

Especially vulnerable were gamblers in casino on slots, where nearly every user loses head from gambling. The government was in panic, when realized extent of the disaster, but the psychologists and doctors could enrich at this problem, so as they treated not only gamblers themselves, but also their relatives, who worried about conditions of their families, exposed to gambling. Because of gambling industry online that state was literally on the edge of extinction.

But, despite all problems, the Korean government could cope with the troubles, as operators of online establishments started to prevent gamblers on slots from negative effects of this gambling, but to actually prevent the addiction the country’s government decided giving gamblers special coupons with numbers, which they could use for online games. Simply speaking, Korean gamblers couldn’t play slots for real bets for a considerable period.

In many countries the problem of gambling addiction to online casinos exists. But each country has a solution allowing authorities to keep the whole network gambling industry under control. Slots in network are the favorite game for all gamblers, that is why this entertainment high attention of authorities. In some states of the USA slots are forbidden just to protect the citizens from emergence of this problem. Though another aspect of problem connected with benefits of gambling for operators also exist.

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