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Pros and Cons of Penny Slot Playing

heavy-metal-slotYou may not be in a position to play slot games all of the time for your usual stake amounts, and as such there may be a time when you only have a very small amount of cash available in your bankroll. With this in mind in this slot playing guide we are going to take a look at the pros and cons of playing slots for stakes of just one penny per spin!

Obviously the very first thing that may have entered your head when we mentioned playing slots for only one single penny per spin is that you are highly unlikely if at all to win anything worth mentioning when playing for stakes that low, however you may be surprised by what we are about to tell you!

For when playing some slot games online for one penny per spin you will have a chance, admittedly a very small chance but a chance never the less, of winning what may just be a life changing progressive jackpot win! Keep on reading if you are interested in trying out some or all of the slot games you can play online for low stakes, as we will enlighten you on just which ones you ought to be playing and which ones you are best avoiding!


Low Chance of a Progressive Jackpot Win

When you play any of the many slot games from Real Time Gaming which are classed a Real Series slots or when playing any of the Playtech designed slots that are classified as Marvel Jackpot slots or when playing and getting stuck into any of the Mega Moolah series of slots from Microgaming, you have the chance of winning a progressive jackpot at any minute.

The stakes you play for will have some bearing on your chances of being randomly awarded a progressive jackpot or triggering the bonus game at random that will ultimately result in you being awarded one of several different valued progressive jackpots once you have played off the bonus game feature round, however you will have a chance of winning one of those jackpot no matter whether you play those slots for one cent or one penny per spin or for much higher stake amounts.

By playing these slots for any amount of time for one cent or one penny each time you spin the reels you will have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot, but the downside of playing for tiny stake amounts is that the actual odds of you winning a progressive jackpot are huge! But they are certainly slots worth playing when you have only a limited bankroll as anyone can and will eventually win those progressive jackpots attached to all of those aforementioned slot games!


Choosing a Bonus Game Awarding Slot

It is always worth remembering that when you choose to play slots for one penny per spin then if the slot games you are going to play are video slots then you need to be aware that the chances of you being awarded the bonus game on those slots will be determined in one of several different ways.

To have a fair and equal chance of triggering any bonus video slot games bonus round then you need to play slots on which their respective bonus games are triggered by scatter symbols and not bonus symbols that need to have lined up consecutively on an activated payline.

If you choose to play any slot game whose bonus games are indeed awarded via scatter symbols then you are going to trigger the bonus games just as often as players who are playing every single pay line offered on that slot even though you are only playing one payline per spin.

If you play a slot which has bonus symbols and the only way to trigger the bonus game is by lining up those symbols on an activated payline then the number of paylines offered will reflect your overall chances of trigger the bonus game when you play one single payline, for example on a 100 payline slot you will have on hundredth of a chance of trigger the bonus feature when playing one payline when compared to a player playing all 100 pay lines, which means you are highly unlikely to trigger the bonus games when playing such slots online!


Low Amount of Comp Points

One final thing that you should be aware of is that when you are playing slot games for pennies as a penny slot player you are not going to be accumulating vast amounts of comp points, in fact it can often take you lots of penny slot playing sessions to earn just a few comp points.

Whilst comp points may not be the number one thing on your mind when playing slots, do consider taking advantage of a casinos deposit match slot bonuses, as even when you make modestly sized deposits you will often find the value of the deposit match bonuses could see you doubling your deposited amount when a 100% match bonus if on offer, which does of course mean you will get twice the amount of play time form your bankroll!



Never be put off playing online slot games if you only have a tiny or very limited gambling bankroll available, for there are plenty of slot games that offer players stake options that can be set as low as one cent or one penny per spin.

If you do decide to play slots for tiny stakes then always look out for slots offering easy to trigger bonus games which are awarded via scatter symbols, and always stick to playing slots that offer higher than average payout percentages, as those types of games offer the best playing value and should enable you to have a fair and sporting chance of hitting one of the higher paying reel symbol combinations or you could trigger a potentially high paying bonus game or even win a progressive jackpot.

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