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Quickest Way to Earn Comp Points Playing Slots

There are lots of additional extras that you will be showered with when and if you do decide to play slot machines online in a real money playing environment and it is often the sign up and ongoing bonuses that players will find most appealing about any online casino site.

However, it is also worth knowing that most casinos will offer an exclusive and very unique type of casino comp club and by carefully selecting just which casino sites you do play at in a real money playing environment you could find you lock in even more playing value thanks to those overly generous casino comp clubs.

It will be worth spending a bit of time looking around the web and comparing just what each casinos site is going to be offering you via their respective comp club, and when you do find a generous casino comp club by then concentrating all of your playing efforts at that one casino site you will then earn more playing credits and additional extras asked on your volume of wagers at that casino site!


What Makes a Casino Comp Club Generous

There can be lots of unique aspects in regards to a casino comp club or loyalty scheme that will make it a generous one, and as such let us now give you an insight into what you should be looking for from such a club when you are comparing what several different online or mobile casino sites will be offering you.

It will always be the amount you have to wager and just how many comp points you will be awarded for each wager placed that will initially determine if a casinos comp club will be a generous and very rewarding one so that is the very first thing you should be taking a note of.

However, you will also need to ensure that you are going to be offered a low redemption rate for turning your accumulated comp points into playing credits, so that is another thing to take a note of and compare to other casino sites comp club schemes.

If a casino offers a multi-tier type of casino comp club then take a look at what the additional benefits will be once you get higher up the tiers of that comp club scheme as it may be worth playing at just one casino site and giving them all of your gaming action to benefit from more additional extras!


Are Comped Credits Better Than Bonus Credits?

You may be one of the many people who play real money casino games online but are averse to claiming any type of casino bonuses for you will not be too fond of then tying up your deposit into all manner of different play through requirements and additional terms and conditions once you have claimed a casino bonus.

As such you may be wondering is it better to simply play casino games with you own money and just earn comped bonus credits by any casinos comp club scheme, and if so are those comped bonus credits more valuable than standard bonus playing credits.

The best types of casino comp clubs will be those that award your comped playing credits when you redeem your comp points as cash credits for that way you are then going to be able to do whatever you want with those credits.

However, some casino sites will award your comped bonus credits awarded when you exchange your comp points for playing credits as bonus credits and will attach a play through requirement to them, however that play through requirement may just one x1, but always check just in case the play through requirements are higher!



If you are a little averse to taking risks when playing slot machines then never make use of any of the bonuses and promotional offers that are freely on offer to you at every single casino site, for you are going to find you will have to achieve some high play through requirements when using such a bonus and can only cash out your winnings when you do achieve those play through requirements.

You really are going to like the way that you earn bonus credits however via a casinos comp club for you can redeem your comp points for credits when you have no real money funds in your casino account and as such you will never be putting at risk any of your own real money funds when using those comped playing credits.

So make sure when you do fancy cashing in your comp points and turning them into playing credits you do not have any real money funds sat in your casino account as that way you will never put those fund at risk!

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