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Reasons to Play Online Slot Games

lions-share-slotIf you have been putting off playing online slot games as opposed to those slots you can play in your local land based casino, then in this article we are going to take a look at the benefits that can be had by moving some or even all of your real money gaming action over to the online slot playing environment.

You may find that you are not having much luck when playing land based slots, and the first reason why we think you should seriously consider playing slots machines online is that the actual long term expected payout percentages attached to online slots are often set way higher than those found in a land based casino, so when you first do start playing slots online you will possibly find your slot playing sessions are way longer due simply to the more winning combinations that will spin in and be formed due solely to those higher paybacks!

Do we warned though there are some software and online gaming platforms whose slot games are not set as high as they could be, but dotted around our website you will find some very comprehensive slot playing guides which highlight the slots which have the highest payout percentages and are therefore the ones you should be tracking down and playing!


More Value from Online Bonuses and Slot Comps

Many land based casinos will have some form of comp club on offer and by playing slots at certain casino sites dotted around the globe you will earn yourself comp points which you will then be able to exchange for cash, merchandise or even get a free hotel stay or a free meal.

However, all online casinos will also offer a comp club on which you are going to be rewarded with casino credits once you amass enough comp points via your real money slot gaming action, the value of the comps awarded and the redemption rates can and will vary from online casino to online casino so it may pay dividends for you to do a little shopping around and compare the comp clubs on offer.

However, something that all online casinos can offer that land based casino never can offer their players is bonuses. You will often find you can double, treble or increase your initial deposit into an online casino by over four times its value by taking advantage of a new player sign up offer, and that will instantly give you a much larger slot playing bankroll and that will guarantee you get lot of fun and entertainment from your initial gaming session at any new casino site you try.

You will also find lots of ongoing bonuses will be showered upon you at online casinos, as land based casinos often have huge overheads and online casinos don’t this is why the extra perks of playing slots online for real money are some much more attractive to players!


More Online Slots than Land Based Slots

Even though some land based casinos can have thousands of slot machines on offer and available, many of those slots are the same type, so in regards to individual slots you will not find that many unique playing and paying ones!

However at most of our featured online casinos you are going to find a truly enormous range of slot games and throughout each year, often every single month a brand new batch of slot games are launched and released much more than any land based casino could ever hope to have available.

So when you choose to play online slots one major benefit will be that you are going to have a massive range of games, which include classic slots, more slot games designed as video slots which can award you with all manner of different bonus feature rounds than you could have ever hoped for, and of course more progressive slot games than you could ever play in one session!

The benefits of playing online slots really do speak for themselves and once you give them any amount of play time either for free or for real money we know you will enjoy the entertainment and winning opportunities that they all offer, so go on give some a try today, you may never look back!



If you have never played online slot games then why don’t you pick one of our featured casino sites and visit their website right now, for by doing so you will be able to play a range of no download required slot machines in a demo mode, and that will enable you to see just how good the slots are and you will be able to play a wide variety of them and should easily find plenty of them which appeal to you personally!

If you do like what you find when playing any online slot game for free then make sure you have a look through our casino bonuses sections of the website and also take a look at our highly informative online casino reviews for by doing so you will find several sites that are giving away free of charge, no deposit required bonuses, allowing you to play slot games in a real money environment without any risks involved!

In fact you may end that initial no risk slot playing session in profit and if you do as all of our casinos are fully licensed and regulated you will be able to withdraw your winnings without any fuss or hassle! What better way to play slots online that getting paid to play them. So have a look round as the bonuses and the potential winnings really are there for the taking!

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