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Secrets of «Novomatic» slot machines popularity.

Novomatic AG is an Austrian company. It is a European leader in the production of playing equipment. Novomatik deals with everything. It deals with electronic poker tables, electronic tables for the blackjack. But it is mainly well-known for the production of famous slots. It sells its most famous multigaminators (though the inner name of these cards is Cool Fire with a version numeration).

Not so long ago, about two years ago Novomatik opened a subsidiary company called Green Tube. The company distributes the games Novomatik for online casino. One of such casinos became a famous casino

Why are the slot machines from this producer so unique? They were developed by the masters of psycho technologies and neuro-linguistic programming. So to speak let`s see how are we made slot slaves?

First of all let`s take the bases of slot-building. It is known that a slot machine is a thing with three and more drums that have pictures of the symbols. The first slot machines appeared at the beginning of the 20-ies century and they were hybrid slots where the game element was connected with the slot that gave out bubble-gums. In such a way strawberry slots appeared. The banana, lemon, cherry and plum symbols were taste bubble-gum symbols. And the falling out of three same fruit ended with getting a bubble-gum with a corresponding to symbol taste.

The symbolic-color coding.

The idea got its development and the drums began to be marked with not only fruit symbols but also different funny cartoon animations. As soon as such effect as «unusual symbols» appeared and the player din`t understand consciously «what symbol is great and what is not» the slots got the conception that exists today. The conception is that the symbols of playing cards were added to the slots. They were queen, king, ace and jack and 10. Some people think that the producers create letter symbols just because it is much easier to draw them. However the reason for it is the following: letter symbols help the players realize the priority of symbols in the slot. The older the card the more expensive it is. And picture symbols are the most expensive.

Color coding is used in order letters not merge with each other (the letters are colored in definite colors). These colors are the same as a rule and they are perceived by the gambler not only as letters but also as colors. It means that we are coded even by colors of the symbols. You can be persuaded in it yourself: 10 is for crimson, J is for blue, Q is for green, K is for red, A is for golden. As a rule this system of color coding is rarely given up.


All the gamblers know the legendary game Book of Ra by Novomatik production. This book is the example of the fact that form and content coding of the picture exists. So we know that letters are colored in definite colors. And what about marking out of the pictures? What about their form and content? The oldest picture and symbol that starts up free rounds differs from cheaper pictures. The younger pictures don`t have background. The symbol of a traveler + the symbol of the book is located on the background of some landscape. In the end these symbols differ from simple pictures. The gambler doesn`t realize that the oldest symbol and symbol of the book look greater. You can make sure yourself – younger pictures are located just on the black background and the traveler in hat is located on the background of Egyptian pyramids.


Those people who played Novomatik slot machines know that sometimes you can here sudden sound that reminds a school bell. This sound appears when a great winning takes place. It must be noted that in new versions of Novomatik (DeLuxe versions for online casino)the music scheme have been reworked. It got some gloss though it can still be recognized. The sense of sound coding of Novomatik is simple – slot has got a number of official sounds and contextually connected group of sounds. The first one differs from the second one because the usage of it is universal. The example here can be a sudden trill if someone wins a great sum of money. The style of sounds is sudden and rough itself. The Deluxe sounds are more gentle because the previous version was created for the halls with slots where it was very noisy and in order to break the sounds the key should have been very sudden. Deluxe version is meant for usage in online casinos. That`s why it doesn`t have a number of sudden sounds that are familiar to the players by ground halls.

it must mentioned that such sudden sounds as bells, whistles and other noises of not melodious character were used by the academician Pavlov when he made experiments on the animals. The reason for it is simple. Such sudden sounds stay in your memory for a long time and they are connected with the context very well. That`s why be aware of the fact that when you hear that penetrating trill of winning in the ground Novomatik emulators. Remember that these sounds come from the academician Pavlov`s experiments. The gambler`s consciousness waits for this sound again and again because this sound is connected with pleasure of winning. It is much more pleasant to watch the clip than just listen to music and it is also more pleasant to watch it on your home theatre where the sound is much richer.
The second group of sounds is connected with the context. To be more precise it is connected with a concrete wining or event. There are several similar events in Novomatik slots.

3 letter symbols or 2 pictures make a short sudden sound. It is not very melodious. 4 young letters – 10,J,Q create a sudden sound. It is a bit longer than the preceding sond. 4 kings or 4 aces create a sudden sound that is a bit longer than 3 letter combinations. 3 young pictures have individual sounds for every picture. The sounds are short but relatively melodious. 2 older pictures have short and rather melodious sound. 5 young letters have grand melody with a length of approximately 2 seconds. It sounds rather ceremonial and ends with toner. 5 older letters have a grand melody with 4-5 seconds length. It ends with an effect of winning flourish. 4 or 5 pictures have a gentle long symphonic melody. It lasts 5 seconds.

As a result the player gets a clear association between the winning size and its sound. In fact it`s a cinematographic method when key events are accompanied with music forcing the necessary atmosphere. It works in the slots as well.


Animation coding works in the same way as sound coding. The older and more expensive the combination is the richer and longer the animation of one and the same symbol is. If 3 scarabs fall out for example then they are just slightly illuminated. But if 4 or 5 scarabs fall out then they hop off and start flying around the crypt together with the pharaoh and it is accompanied with beautiful light effects. As a result the priority of combinations is perceived on the level of the complexity of animations.


In Novomatik slots there are practically no such slots where you have to click on the total objects. In general all the slots are created for free rounds. Why? The answer is not simple but it is clear. The longer pleasure the player gets the more remarkable mark it will leave in the neuron chains of the player`s brain. But the existence of pleasure is very important in this process. It means that the slot must be like a shower with winnings. Even the winning payment is special. For example it spreads the payment of winnings by expanded symbols (special symbols that Book of Ra offers during free spins). In this case a subtle metallic sound accompanies the winning payment. Why is it made in such a way? Everything is for the sake of several seconds of rich positive player`s state that stays in the corresponding chains of the brain. It is very important to chose correctly the free spins length and it will create such an unforgettable impression on the players as if there is not blood but fire in his veins. It is the impression of Novomatik free spins. That`s all. If the player once felt such a thing then he becomes a real slave of the slots. The winning doesn’t play a very important role now. The gamblers eager to feel the same sense. It is like sex for the sake of which men are ready spend time with women and dance with them all night long and etc. the pastime requires a lot of expenses and everything is for the sake of 20 minutes of pleasure. Novomatik slots work in the same way. After a great wining the gambler feels such a sense that he just wants to feel the same pleasure and the same delight. The wining is not necessary any more for him. It is important for the gambler to repeat that very feeling. Nothing else is important. However no one knows when the felling can be repeated. It will take a gambler long time before luck comes to him and he gets the same winning and the same feeling as a result.

P.S. this article was sent to our site by one of the developers of Alfa Play Company. Alfa Play is a small Estonian company that develops software for slot machines. It is necessary to say that in our opinion the article is not very original. Everything that is written about «Novomatic AG» slot machines can be related to any other software slot machines producers.

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