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Secrets Of Slot Machines

Very often inexperienced gamblers are easily tricked, and not free of charge, by things under the name of «the secrets of slot machines», believe in their effectiveness and are trying to trick slots and play on them for free and without registration. Secrets of slots are a sequence of manipulations with the game on slot, which by all means will lead you to the winning. There is even an opinion that the programmers made a mistake in software development, and the gambler, using the free secrets of slot machines can easily win, risking nothing.

Of course, in the software program may be errors. However, for the owners of the casino secrets of slots are not a problem. Very often in the regulations or the conditions of use of the online casino you can find similar items: «If the winning occurred because of malfunction of slots (system failure, software error, etc.), the administration of the casino reserves the right not to pay».

In Internet you can find a huge number of offers to buy the secrets of slots or download them for free. Entirely new and unknown by anyone secrets of hacking slots are described at these sites in detail and in an exciting way. Many gamblers are tricked by such proposals and buy them, considering that, for the money it’s just got to work. But miracles do not happen.

Even if to admit, that the secrets of slot machines exist. Do you believe that the owners of Internet casino are not aware of this, because they, too, can find them just as any of the gamblers? And having learned the secret, the owner of the casino is immediately able to eliminate all shortcomings and mistakes in the software. Consequently, any secret of the slot becomes unusable.

It will be more useful to spend the money on the game in progressive slots, where you can easily hit the jackpot. And the more often you try your luck, the more likely will be your winnings.

Usually slot machines are programmed to payment of the winnings at the casino in the range from 82% to 98% percent of the money that gamblrs bet in the course of the game. This is the theoretical payout percentage. The minimum percentage is usually required by law or official regulation. Whatever the payout percentage is, the slot machine, and therefore, its owner, always remains in the gain.

The secret of slot machines in their percentage of the winnings
In Russia, for example, by the order of Gosstandart the probability of winning at slot machines is 75%. Of course, for every ruble a gambler doesn’t always win 75 kopecks. 75% is the number of wins, which on average is programmed for a slot machine.

Usually, the structure of the winnings of slot-machine is the frequency of occurrence of the winning combinations, the amount of money, which is paid for them, – is carefully selected to ensure the necessary percentage of funds in favor of the casino, and the rest is returned to the gambler during the game. Producers of slots call the standard the percentage of funds, which the casino receives. Software manufacturers establish theoretical payout percentage of the slot.

Slots are aimed at bringing the gains; however, some owners -crooks are trying to get additional profit. They may, for example, set a very small chance of winning. For a change of payments after the installation of slot machine in the hall you need to physically replace the software product, which was installed on permanent programmable storage devices (PROM) or downloaded to non-volatile (flash) memory or CD-ROM or DVD. Such changes do not occur often. Sometimes PROMs are sealed and they can be opened only in the presence of representatives of the Commission for the gambling business. Sometimes slots are checked for the presence of authorized software product in a random order.
In large casinos slots are connected by the Central system of tracking and the control of the casino. The payout percentage can be changed from a Central computer there. Winning tables are programmed in advance, and then are selected in a remote way.

Usually slots are combined in the network. Thanks to this, gamblers are offered very big prizes or the Jackpot. Each of slot-machines of this network contributes to the total jackpot. The prize amount is much greater than that which the machine itself can pay. As a rule, the Jack-pot is received by the gambler to whom the royal-flush on video poker game or a combination of characters at the 9-payline slot machine fell.

Sometimes the slots of many casinos are united in a network. Such slot-machines belong to the manufacturer of the machines, whose responsibility is the payment of the Jack-pot. Casino does not purchase such machines, but take them in the lease. The Megabucks machine (Megabucks) may examplify it.

The frequency of appearance of the winning combinations on the slot machine.

There is an opinion that the probability of occurrence of certain combinations depends on the number of images of all symbols on the reels slot machines. In fact modern slots are substantially different from the first one. Drums and the lever are present in them, but only in order to maintain the historical continuity and, of course, for the entertainment of the public. Modern «one-armed bandits» are computerized. The probability of loss of combinations is programmed. The positions of the drums are determined by a random number generator, which is located in the software of the slot machine. This is called the technology of «virtual reel». The random number generator produces random numbers with a very high frequency (speed per second can be from a few thousand to millions). After the gambler clicks a button of the start of the game, the result is determined by the most recent random number. That’s to say, the outcome of the game depends on the exact time of the start of the game. Result differs EVERY SECOND.

Of course, there are some secrets in configuration of slots. As removal of combinations of symbols on the display of modern slot machines is regulated by a computer program, you can ensure that the slot frequently will give combinations that are close to winning. For example, frequently display combinations, containing two sevens and any third digit, if the jackpot combination is three sevens. Thus, the gambler is misled. Considering that he almost won, he continues to play and play. Such frequent on-screen display of close to winning combinations is illegal in the States of New Jersey and Nevada.

There is another similar trick of the programmers of software. Probability of falling out of winning combinations on the pay lines are programmed for a certain percentage. But the combination which appear above and below this line, fall out roughly equally randomly. So, winning combinations which appear above or below the pay lines are falling out more often. It is not illegal, if the falling out of such combinations is really random, and not specially programmed.

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