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Slot Game Volatility Explained

ice-hockey-slotThere is one aspect about slot games that can often confuse many players, and that is the way a range of different slot games have been structured and designed.

When you want to play slot games you may be oblivious to the fact and blissfully unaware that each slot game you sit down to play will have been designed to play and pay out with one of three different variances attached to it.

You will come across, but possibly be unaware of the fact that there are low variance slots, medium variance slots and high variance slot games. The variances any slot game you come across will give the slot a unique way of playing off over the long term and below we are going to help you make sense of slot variance.

It is something you do need to be aware of for when you do know the different types of slot variances you can then actually track down and play the slot games which is offering you a playing structure and format that you find appealing, instead of just leaving it down to luck alone as to whether the slot you do end up playing will be an enjoyable one for you!


Low and Medium Variance Slot Games

Probably the safest type of slot games to play online will be those with have either a low variance type of playing structure or a medium variance type of playing structure and format. The reason why we call them safer slots is that they will have been designed in such a way you should always get plenty of play time from your bankroll.

The main way in which a low variance slot has been designed is such that you will experience a very large number of winning combinations spinning in. However, those winning payouts will of course be low valued ones. But by you sitting down and playing such a slot the variance will allow you to recycle your bankroll multiple times thanks to the frequency of the winning payouts achievable on those types of slots.

A medium variance slot will be one on which there is a mix of low to medium sized winning payouts being spun in and awarded to you via any additional bonus games or bonus features attached to those slot games, so they are a tad more riskier slots to play than low variance ones!


High Variance Slot Games

We should give you a word of warning if you decide to play a category of slot game known as high variance slots, for they are without a shadow of a doubt some of the riskiest slot game you will ever come across online and you do need to be fully aware of those risks before you start to play them online.

The main attraction for some slot players in regards to those players playing high variance slots or highly volatile slots as they are also known, is that on just one single spin you could end up winning via either the bonus games, bonus features or even just on the base game of those slots alone, a mega sized winning payout.

However, the downside of playing high variance slots is that if you play them at the wrong time you could lose your bankroll extremely quickly and never see any or just a tiny number of winning spins being formed and paid out to you.

So only play high variance slot sis you are prepared to lose your bankroll, as is often the case that is something you will do when playing them, however there is always the chance of you could walk off with a mega winning payout of course!



The best way that we know of for you to actually discover just what type of slot game you will enjoy playing the most ifs for you to simply get stuck into playing as many slot games as you can at one or more casino sites.

Obviously to play what may turn out to be hundreds of different slots, which most if not all of our feature online casino sites do have on offer to their players, for real money you would spend a small fortune doing so.

With that in mind be aware that you are always going to be more than welcome to play slot machines and slot games online at our top rated casinos sites with no obligation to have to make a deposit and play them for real money.

As all of those casino sites offer free play version of their slot games so you can give all of them or as many of them as you like some play time to allow you to find the slots that you like paying the most so why not do that right now!

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