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Slot machines from inside.

At the disposal of our site there are interesting memories of one of the USSR slot machines lover. Here are his memories about a rather interesting gamblers` psychology.

At the beginning of 90-ies the territory of ex-USSR was to a certain degree filled with slot machines (with used slots as a rule). They could be found in almost every shop, underground or in the cinema. During several weeks the progressing inflation devaluated the salaries, people could easily use dollars to pay for the goods in the shops. People spent money to play slot machines. By the way it is necessary to mention that even guys underage could play these slot machines if they had enough money.

Together with the traditional drum slots and video poker we can meet also rather exotic slot machines such as «fruit roulette». This interesting slot machine was like a computer roulette simulator. However the numbers were from 1 to 30 and zero. Another six cells had fruit symbols such as cherry or lemon. The payments were 1/30 if you stake on the symbol. You could also stake on black/red, odd/even and so on. Taking into account real roulette this one wasn`t profitable but among other slots this fruit roulette made a great impression on everybody. Really if in other slots it was necessary to play for a long time before getting any good combination then in the fruit roulette it was possible to win from the first time if you put at once for example a lot of tokens on black or red. To tell the truth playing this roulette people also lost money much quicker than if playing usual slot machines. As far as I remember many gamblers who played the roulette had notes and pencils with them. Here they marked every number or symbol that fell out.

These fortune-lovers had the following logic. They thought that slot machines were like a definite computer program that gives a definite set of symbols in sequence. The gamblers considered that this program had a cyclic manner. It means that after giving a definite set of symbols at a definite amount of times (several thousands for example) and then the slot will begin to give the same symbols once again in the same order. So using the previous notes people could win the game in such a way. The argument seems to be very logical if not taking into account the Random Number Generator (RNG).

RNG-Random Number Generator is the algorithm that allows generating absolutely unpredictable or just random numbers. случайные числа. The RNG is the basis of any slot machine and any internet casino program that simulates this or that game. It doesn’t matter whether it is slot or video poker or any other game. To tell the truth even the programmer who created the slot machine program can`t know what combination will fall out at this or that moment. On the other hand any slot machine producer knows the final number of combinations that a slot machine can give. Due to this fact at the development of software a corresponding sum of payments is set. The per cent of casino advantage depends on this sum. Let`s discuss a simple example. Let it be that we have an ordinary slot machine that consists of three drums. Every drum has nine numbers from one to nine. Now let`s see the probability of falling out the combination of three 7 numbers? It is easy to calculate: the probability of falling out seven on the first drum is = 19. On the first and the second drums the probability is 19х19=181. And at last the probability of falling out three numbers seven is =19х19х19=1729. It means 1 to 729 and it will be a fare payment for the gambler. And if the producer made the payment on this combination 1500. At first it sounds seductively but if the game is long then casino advantage will be 500(729100)=68,5% from the fare payments. The casino advantage on such a slot will correspondingly 100%-68,5%=31,5%. And it is not very few.

There is a myth that the most profitable slot machines for the casino are the slots with a high per cent of casino advantage. However it is not really so. There is constant competence among the different slot machines` producers and internet software producers. So a high per cent of casino advantage does not help to keep the player. If in the 70-ies it was quite normal for the slot machine to have 30% advantage then now the opposite tendency is observed. Many modern video slot producers set up a minimal per cent in favor of casino. Sometimes it can even be less than 1 %. It happens that different tricks are used. The casino may choose days of the week or time of the day when casino shows the gamblers only negative results. And it is impossible to win. Or on the contrary.

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