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Slot machines to play profitably.

Everybody knows about great popularity of online poker. Poker isn`t the simplest game that online gambling establishments can offer. For an average player poker can be even less profitable than ordinary slot machines. However, there is one peculiarity in poker that differs it from other casino games. All typical casino games from the simplest casino-war and to the blackjack, from roulette to the craps, and from slot machines to the video poker slots have one common peculiarity. This peculiarity is negative mathematic expectance. It means that in any casino game the gambler has chances to win. But the longer the game`s distance is the more chances to lose the gambler has. In other words playing in the casino the gambler can win. He can even break the great blackjack but he can`t do the only thing – he can`t earn money by playing regularly. It can`t be otherwise. If the casino makes the game chances equal (neutral mathematic expectance) or in favor of the gambler (positive mathematic expectance) than the gambling house will not earn money or will just lose money. Poker is another thing. In this game the gamblers are playing against each other. The game itself depends on the gamblers` skills. So for one player the game will be negative, for another player it will be neutral. And only for a small number of professional players it will be a positive game and they will be able to earn money by playing it.

The main disadvantage of all casino games is its negative mathematic expectance for everybody. In such games as roulette or slot machines the negative mathematic expectance will be the same for all the gamblers. In such games as video poker or blackjack mathematic expectance can be different. It depends on the gambler`s strategy. It means that for the gamblers who are playing without thinking the mathematic expectance can be extra negative. For the gamblers that are following some rules of basic blackjack game or video game strategy the mathematic expectance negativity can be expressed in some part of the per cent. However it will always be negative. At the same time kings of the gambling business and developers of casino-games realize that nothing can raise such an interest to the game as the possibility for a certain number of gamblers to earn in such a way regularly. The difficulty is to create such a game where a part of gamblers could regularly play profitably. Is it difficult to believe in such thoughts? In fact there is nothing supernatural. A simple example is ordinary computer videogames. Just imagine that by playing these games you will earn money. Let`s take a computer game in which the gamers` skills depend on his reaction and logical thinking. Let it be tetris. Practically all the gamers after a certain period of trainings could pass a definite amount of game stages. If before the game the gamblers would make for example a stake and after the passing of every stage a part of the stake would be paid then it could be possible to work out a special payment system. According to this system a definite number of gamers who can pass the most difficult game steps that require incredible reaction and speed of thinking would leave the game with a great profit. Certainly the payment table should be organized in the way that a gamer ends the game with a profit if he passes the last game stages that are not available for the gamers with an ordinary speed of reaction and level of logical thinking. So we can imagine a game that will have a positive mathematic expectance for one gamer and will have a negative mathematic expectance for the other. Certainly the coefficients of the game should be calculated in such a way that a number of «positive» gamers would be minimal to the number of «negative» gamers. At the same time the existence of «positive gamers» itself would push «negative gamers» to the permanent game with a possibility to have positive mathematic expectance. No doubt it would make the game popular. This situation we can observe in modern online poker.

Unfortunately, it`s just a theory yet though it`s close to realization. First of all it is connected with the fact that the main difference of any casino-games from ordinary videogames is their simplicity. The passing of even usual computer game requires a great psycho-physical strain. That`s why no matter how difficult the game is the process of playing should be simple. At the moment we think that the most probable model of «positive slot machine» would be a slot machine with bonus games the passing of which would depend on the reaction degree or logical thinking of the player.

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