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Slot Player Etiquette

rock-the-boat-slotWe do know that many of our website visitors love playing slot games in both the online and land based gaming environments, and as part of our ongoing series of slot playing guides, in this one we take a look at slot player etiquette.

Whilst you may be blissfully unaware that there is an unpublished set of rules regarding how you should behave in a land based casino when you are a slot player, it will soon become apparent to you when you are in such a venue that some players can drive you mad or annoy you through their actions and behaviour.

With this in mind below we have listed some of the annoying ways slot players can behave in a land based casino, in the hope that you do not inadvertently do any of the following things and end up upsetting or annoying your fellow slot players!


Don’t Hog the Slot Machines

If a casino is very quiet and you enjoy playing several slot machines at a time, then this will not be a problem, however at busy times you really can annoy your fellow players if you choose to play several machines all at once!

More so if you choose to play those machines for tiny stake amounts. One of the most annoying aspects of visiting any land based casino when you are in a slot playing mood is to find a bank of machines all being played by one person with that player opting to play each spin for one penny or one cent per spin.

If you are a penny slot player and the casino you are visiting at is busy, then think of your fellow players and opt to play just one machine. You will never make any friends if you choose to hog lots of slots!


Reserving a Slot Machine

There will usually be a time when you are playing slot machines in a land based casino when you may need to visit the bathroom, or you may need to get some more change or visit the ATM. When you need to leave your slot machine you will often find you can place onto the slot game a small sign which will reserve your machine until you return.

However, be aware that other players may wish to play that machine, so if you do reserve a machine make sure you get back to playing it as soon as possible, for if you leave that machine for too long the slot attendant may just remove your reserved sign!


Don’t Over Do the Perfume

Whilst you will of course wish to get yourself all dolled up when visiting a land based casino, never over do your perfume or after shave! Whilst it is always nice to smell the occasional waft of perfume or aftershave no one will want to have to sit next to a player who reeks of the stuff!

In fact never forget to give yourself a spray of perform of deodorant, for much like no one will wish to sit next to a player who has overdone their perfume, no one will want to sit next to a player who is dripping with sweat or who has bad body odour!


Volume Settings

Most land based slot games will allow you to adjust the volume settings on their slot machines, however do be aware that you could set the volume settings way too high and this can often annoy other players. You really will annoy every one sat around you if you choose to set the volume settings very high on the slot game you are playing and are the type of person who sits there as all winning payouts are counted up on the screen!

Be aware that you do not have to wait until every last credit is counted up and added to your bank, you can simply click on the spin button and the winnings will then all automatically be added to your credit meter without each one being counted up.


Never Loiter or Become a Spectator

The final aspect of good slot playing etiquette is in regards to how you move around the gaming floor. When you play slot machines it is often a solitary experience, and as such it will be you playing against the machine.

There is nothing worse than discovering you have someone stood behind you watching you as you play that machine. If there is someone watching you and you happen to be on a losing streak you will find that person irritating and may end up telling them to shove off!

If you are looking around the gaming floor then respect everyone’s right to play their chosen slot game privately and never ever stand behind or watch another player. If you are sat next to someone, then you may wish to chat to that person, however you will soon discover whether that player wants to be social or not by the way they respond to you.

With that in mind if any fellow player is giving of negative vibes then it is probably best to not bother chatting to them, and certainly never comment on their playing style or just how well or how bad they are doing!

You will find some land based casinos now have community style slot games, which are banks of slots all grouped together whereby when the bonus game triggers on those slots everyone playing that slot gets to play off that bonus game all at the same time, these are the type of slot games you should play if you want to interact and socialise with your fellow players!



Playing slot machines in a land based casino game be fun, entertaining and if Lady Luck is shining on you a very profitable way to pass some time. However, always be aware that everyone else in the casino is there to have a good time, and as such never become one of those annoying players through your ill thought out actions!

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