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Slots: how it all began.

Development of slot industry began long before the modern slots, to which we all are accustomed to. It all began, not even with classic slots, but the oldest “one-armed bandits” of the 19th century.

In 1895 the entrepreneur Charles Fey invented the first slot, “Bell of freedom”. Fay did not suspect that, after so many years of his invention it will enjoy such popularity. Although since then slots weren’t much improved, the most popular improvements was the invention and introduction the most modern slots in industry of slots.

Nowadays slots are the most popular game in all casinos of various countries. They earned the recognition by fact that in such slots graphics of high quality, the most exciting gambling process are present, also they offer gamblers big winnings, which are described in their payment tables.

In contrast to the original version, which was attended by mechanical drums and levers, in slots drums are shown on video screens, and lever was replaced by a usual button “Spin”. The latest representatives are designed with graphics of high quality, video, music.

Slots are the most popular game in all online casinos. Their virtual drums are just a screen of monitor, thus modern slots will come to your home, if you’d like to.

With time, online slots were improved, in leading online casino their diversity is constantly increasing. Different themes from video games, popular movies, and television shows are used in the newest slots.
Also in some countries such a game, as video poker enjoys great popularity. Video poker is similar to slots, all action also happens on the video screen. The main goal of a gambler in video poker is collecting a winning combination of cards, rather than a combination of characters on the drum.

The capitals of modern slots are considered Las-Vegas (USA) and Melbourne (Australia). In these cities users can choose between tens thousands variants of slots.

Nowadays many people play slots just for fun, for instance, instead of watching TV after work. Since emergence of the first slots already many years passed, but the industry continues to develop constantly and is becoming increasingly popular among gamblers everywhere.

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