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Slots Offering Multi Choice Free Spins Rounds

loaded-slot-paytableThe most played online video slot games and slot machines are those which offer players the ability of triggering a set of free spins which is usually done once a set of scatter symbols or sometimes bonus symbols have spun into view or have lined up in a certain way on a payline that has been put into play.

Now, one thing you will discover as soon as you start playing slot games online is that the actual number of slots offering you the chance of triggering and then playing off a set of free spins is huge, in fact you could playing thousands of those types of slots by signing up to lots of different casinos!

So whilst there are no shortages of slot games offering free spins one additional thing worth knowing about some of those free spins awarding slots is that when playing some of them instead of you being awarded with a set number of free spins and being awarded with a certain valued multiplier when you have triggered them, you will find some slots then let you pick from one of several different free spins bonus games once they have triggered.

When playing such a slot you will find, once you have triggered the free spins rounds you are offered either a large number of free spins to play off with a low multiplier value or a low number of free spins which you can choose to play off instead but which come with a high multiplier value.

In this playing guide we are going to let you know which of those free spins bonus game you should choose to play off based on the exact way that you like to play slot games.


Free Spins Options Offered

Now when you do get stuck in  playing one of the ever growing number of slot games which offer you the ability of choosing just how to play off you set of free spins once the required number of bonus symbols or scatter symbol have spun in, then you may be wondering just what will be offered to you.

You may be offered, three, for or even five different types of free spin bonus games and they will be listed form left to right on the slot game screen. The highest number of free spins will always come with the very lowest of multiplier values and as such that may be the option you wish to select.

However, there will be additional options but each of those additional options will have a lower number of free spins attached to them but the actual multiplier value in play on those free spins round options will be higher the fewer free spins attached to them are.

So you should carefully pick and choose just which one to select and the next section will give you a few pointers in regards to which ones you should pickoff and then play off when playing such a slot game online!


Best Free Spins Bonus Game to Select

The thing to remember that when you do play any video slot game offering a set of free spins it will be the same number of payline and the same stake levels in which you played the game during the base game of the slot that will be in play during the free spins bonus game.

The slots which offer you a range of different options for playing of you set of free spins will offer, via those free spin bonus game options, either a low variance playing structure or a high variance playing structure.

With that in mind if you do not like to have too much risk in play when playing of a set of free spins then always opt for the highest number of free spins which come with the lowest valued multiplier value.

However, if you want the chance of winning big when that free spins bonus game has been trigged and awarded to you then opt for the lowest number of free spins but which come with the very highest multiplier values!



If you do now fancy giving some of the slot games a try on which you can be awarded with a multiple option in regards to how you can play off a set of free spins when a slot offers its free spins bonus game then please spend a little time looking over or range of slot game reviews.

We have full and very in-depth reviews of all of the online slot games which every single one of the casinos you will see showcased on this website has to offer, so in no time at all you will be able to put together your own shortlist of slots to play online, and remember you are always going to be able to test them out for free to see if you like playing them before you spin the reels for real money!

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