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Slots Offering Stacked Reel Symbols

hitman-slot-paytableOne type of online slot game reel symbol that you are going to find on several different video slot games are symbols that are known as Stacked Symbols. These are not hard to understand reel symbols, for the way they have been designed it quite easy to understand, however due to the way they have been designed it is often possible to win very big on slots that have then attached to their reels!

Stacked reel symbols are simply a set of reel identical reel symbols that are placed one of top of each other on a slot games reels, by designing them in this way it is going to be possible for a player to spin in lots of the same reel symbols on a slot games screen, for if those symbols are attached to each reel then a screen full of those symbols could be spun in.

When you are playing slots with offer stacked symbols on all reels and those slots have lots of paylines you can put into play, there is always going to be the chance of you spinning in a huge number of winning payouts when those symbols fill a slot game screen on those particular slots!

Below we have put together a range of different slot games on which you will find stacked reel symbols, and as such you may be interested in giving those slots some play time, and if so you can play them at any of our featured casino sites for free or for real money.


Stacked Wild Symbols

Many newer video slot games will have one or more stacked wild symbols in play on their reels, and those slot games are using very high variance slots to play. When playing such a slot game you do need to keep that high variance playing structure in the back of your mind!

When you play high variance slots you will find they can be expensive slots to play for they have been designed to spin in fewer low and medium valued winning payouts and tend to compensate for that fact by spinning in very occasionally some very high valued winning payouts.

It is the stacked wild symbols that are usually the key to those mega sized winning payouts, and as such do look out for slots such as the Hitman Slot from Microgaming on which you will find a set of stacked wild symbols can be spun in on the middle three reels of that slot via both the base game and the free spins feature round.


Expanding Wild Symbols

Expanding wild symbols are not stacked on top of each other on slot games, instead you will find these are standalone reel symbols but once one or more of them have spun into view they will expanding and cover the visible reel symbols in wild symbols.

Therefore depending on just how many of those symbols are available on each of the reels of these types of slots and also depending on just how paylines you have in play on those slot games you could spin in a set of them which will expand and help you form lots of winning payouts.

The slots to look out for with expanding reel symbols are any of the brand new range of All Ways slots on which you will have 243 paylines, 1024 paylines or even 3125 paylines in play on each base game spin you choose to play off.


Stacked Symbol Bonus Games

You can often find that when you are playing some online slot games it is going to be possible to trigger a bonus feature or a bonus game on which stacked wild symbols are going to be added to the slot game screen on the slot you are playing.

Take for example the Finer Reels of Life slot which is one of many Microgaming sots that have one of these types of bonus features attached to them. When you play this slot once you have clicked onto the spin button to send the reels spinning a bonus game can be awarded to you completely at random.

What that bonus game will do is to make one to five of your reels into completely wild reels and as such stacked on each of the reels randomly chosen will be a complete set of stacked wild symbols, as this slot has 243 paylines in play per spin you play off it is therefore going to be the case that if all five reels turn wild then you will be awarded with 243 jackpot payouts!



You will not only find standard reel symbols that are stacked and also wild symbols that are in  a stacked formation when you choose to play some slot games only, for there are now a range of slot games offering stacked scatter symbols too!

You will find that those scatter symbols will usually in addition to awarding a scatter pays payout will award some form of bonus game. Those bonus games are usually a set of free spins and the more of the scatter symbols you spin in tends to have an effect on just how many free spins you get to play off.

Have a good look around our website and checkout our many hundreds of different slot game reviews, for on many of the very latest slot game reviews we have uploaded you will find several slots offering their own unique sets of stacked wild symbols.

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