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Slots with Randomly Awarded Bonus Games

golden-goose-genies-gems-slotIf you have started to get somewhat annoyed with playing slot games on which a set of bonus symbols need to line up or a set of scatter symbols have to spin into view when playing the base game, as you always seem to miss out on those bonus games by not having the required number of symbols spinning in, then it may be worth your while playing slots offering a set of randomly awarded bonus games.

These types of slots games do not have scatter symbols or bonus symbols that trigger the bonus rounds and as such when playing them at random the main feature games on these types of slots can be awarded to you, and these slots do away with the heart stopping moments when you need just one additional bonus or scatter symbol spinning in, only for it to never appear!


Do Stake Levels Improve “Randomness”?

One very good question a lot of slot players who are thinking of playing slot which can award them with a randomly triggered type of bonus game is whether the stake levels at which they play those types of slots for is going to increase their winning chances if they play for high stakes levels as opposed to low rolling.

It is often the case that the bigger the stake levels you play for the better your chances will become of triggering such a bonus feature round. You could describe these types of slots as offering you something of a raffle type of format, and as such if you buy lots of tickets in one raffle you have lots more chances of winning a prize due to your increased number of tickets that could be drawn out.

So when you play for higher stake levels then you will have more chances, just like a raffle, of triggering and being awarded a randomly awarded bonus game, however as long as you have one ticket in a raffle you have a chance, albeit a small one of winning any raffle and as such you can trigger a randomly awarded bonus feature game even when playing for tiny stake levels.


Which Random Bonus Game Slots Should I Play?

There are way too many slot games for us to list on this web page that offers a randomly awarded type of bonus game. However, let us name a few slots which we think you will enjoy playing. If you are a US based slot player then you are strictly limited in regards to the number of online casinos that will allow you to play at their respective sites, but you should have no difficulties playing at Real Time Gaming Powered Casinos.

So for all of our USA based slot players wanting to sample the delights of playing one of these types of slots then have a look at the Achilles Slot or the Beaver Builder Slot for these two games have something much more exciting that a randomly awarded bonus game on offer they have a randomly awarded set of progressive jackpots that any play can win!

You will find if you are able to access and play Microgaming Slot Games then they have lots of different types of randomly awarded bonus games attached to many of their slot games. Take the Mega Moolah slot for example, when playing this game a spin the wheel to win a progressive jackpot bonus game can be randomly awarded to you and that is a bonus game always worth triggering!

Also if you play any of the Golden Goose Slot games then you will find that be placing a small modestly sized side bet you can randomly be awarded one of four different bonus games, all of which can and regularly do reward players with some very large winning payouts!


Advice for Playing Random Bonus Game Awarding Slots

You can often find that when some slot players sit down to play slot games which offer a randomly awarded type of bonus feature round, more so those on which a progressive jackpot is guaranteed to be awarded once that player has played off a bonus feature round, it can be very tempting to get carried away and start to chase those bonus games.

This is where even the most conservative slot player can turn into something of a mad person and refuse to get off a slot until the bonus game is awarded to them! Playing in this way and becoming obsessed with triggering such a bonus game will inevitably lead to players over spending, and many times when a player who does eventually trigger a bonus game will find the amount of cash in stakes they have wagered to trigger the bonus games is often way higher than the amount they get awarded via those round and features!

So one important piece of advice we can give you for playing these types of slots is to strictly set yourself a limit and stick to it, for no good will come of you chasing the bonus games, for being completely random they can and do trigger at any time, not necessarily when you think they should trigger!



You should find plenty of slot games which offer some form of random bonus games on offer, and remember by their very nature all online slots are completely random, so the base games and bonus games can both be both exciting and very rewarding when Lady Luck flips you an overdue smile!

We should and will point out that whilst you will have no problems playing the vast majority of random bonus game awarding video slots for real money or for free via a guest player type of demo mode you will often find the slots which offer a progressive jackpot cannot be accessed in such a mode and as such you will have to play those types of slots for real money if you wish to give them a try!

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