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Ten Things You May Not Know About Online Slots

my-slotWe have decided that due to the number of slot players who are nowadays making the transition from playing slot machines in land based casinos over to the online gaming environment, we should put together an easy to understand guide that will enlighten you on some interesting facts and figures and information relating to playing slot games online.

As playing slots at home on your computer either for free or for real money may be a totally alien concept to most people, once you read through the following guide it will at least give you a basic overview of what you can expect should you make the very wise decision of signing up to one of our listed and top rated online casino sites.


Online Slot Game Payouts and Stakes

The first thing worth noting about online slot games is that they often boast higher than average payout percentages, which mean that when playing any of the higher paying slots online you instantly get a much greater chance of winning than you would when playing most land based slots machines.

The second thing worth knowing about online slot games is that many of them award much higher base and bonus game jackpots than land based slots, in fact there have been some players who have been made into multi millionaires at the end of one single spin on the online progressives slot game reels!

The third aspect about playing online to games is that when you play those slots offered by any of our listed slot game designers and those slots available at on our online casino sites you will be offered much more generous comps when playing them.

In fact the fourth thing worth noting about playing slots online is that all of our listed and reviewed online casino sites will give you a free bonus which can be claimed when you sign up which will give you lots of additional playing credits!

The fifth thing you should always keep in mind when playing online slots is that you are going to find lots more of them available and accessible online that you are ever going to find available if you visited a land based casino site, and as such you will have lots more fun and choice of slot machines to play when you choose to play online!


Types of Online Slot Machines

Let us now turn our attention onto the types of slot games you will find available online and readily available at any of our listed casino sites, and this will continue our look at the ten things that you may not know about online slots.

The sixth thing worth knowing about online slot games is that you will find a range of Random Jackpot paying slots, and whilst those types of slot games can occasionally be found in land based casinos due to the sheer volume of players playing those types of slot machines online every single minute of the day the progressives jackpots are won much more regularly online.

You will also find that the coin and stake settings attached to many online slot machines are much more varied than land based slot games are, and as such you will not have to play a different range of slots if you wish to play for higher or lower stake amounts you simply adjust the coin values yourself, and that is our seventh thing worth knowing about online slot games!

Our eighth thing worth knowing about only slot games is in relation to the more unique types of slots you an access and play online, and by unique we mean the playing structures and formats of these games. When playing online you will find fixed odds slot games which are rarely found in land based casinos and will also find UK styled fruit machine games which are never found outside the UK but can be accessed by players living anywhere in the world at selected online casino sites.

Our number nine fact you may not know about playing online slot games which we think may interest a lot of players is that you will find a special slot at Microgaming powered casino sites that will enable you to design the slot game reel symbols and sound effects yourself! The My Slot game which takes pride of place in Microgaming’s downloadable gaming platform lets you up load picture or photos to the reels and put in place your own backing tracks which can be any music clips or songs sung by your favourite pop bands or family members!

The tenth and final thing that we think is going to be of interest to anyone wishing to start playing slot machines and slot games in the online playing environment is that you are going to find lots of new slot machines going live of various different gaming platforms every month of the year.

So if you are the type of slot player (and most slot players are this type of player), who love nothing more than pitting their wits against some brand new slot games you have never come across or played before, and slots boasting all types of base and brand new bonus game features and all manner of brand new themes then you really should be prepared to give playing online slots a try!



There are of course going to possibly be more than ten things that you are unaware of in regards to online slot games, and with that in mind we would invite you to have a good look through our website, for buried deep within it you are going o find a full range of slot playing guides and articles that will be of great interest to anyone who is thinking of or who enjoys playing slot machines online.

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