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The Complete Guide to Slot Game Reel Symbols

santas-wild-ride-slot-free-spinsIt is now not only the case that you spin a set of reels on an online slot game and hope a matching set of reel symbols spins in on any activated payline, for more and more of the most recent slot games now come with all manner of additional reel symbols, many of which offer a unique bonus type features.

Many reel symbols found attached to video slot games are animated and as such you will often find that they will spring into life when they spin in and they can perform a whole array of different tasks that can and more often than not will help you form lots of additional winning combinations or possibly boost the value of those you spin in.

Below we take a look at all of the different types of reel symbols you will find attached and in play on many online slot games and we will give you an overview of what each of those reel symbols do and any additional bonus features or additional winning opportunities they offer players.


Standard Reel Symbols

There is not that we can tell you about standard reel symbols other than what you already know. Whilst you may see some of these types of symbols singing or dancing around the screen when you line up a winning combination of them on an activated payline, they never come with any additional features attached to them hence being called standard reel symbols!

The most commonly found reel symbols on slots are fruit based symbols and playing card symbols. However, you will find lots of slots game can and do come with reel symbols that have been designed around the theme of the game.


Wild Symbols

We could write a book about all of the different types of Wild symbols that you will find in play on many different slot games! The basic idea behind a standard Wild symbol is that it will stand in for most other reel symbols and therefore enable you to complete winning combinations when they spin in alongside other matching symbols.

Be aware that Scatter and Bonus symbols are not usually symbols whose winning combinations can be completed by a Wild symbol!

You will find a new generation of Wild symbols are attached to many slot games, one attached to older three reel slots are Wild multiplier symbols. Not only do these symbols stand in for other symbols but any combination that they have helped to form will be boosted in value by the multiplier attached to the symbol!

You are also going to find some Expanding Wild symbols and when these spin in they cover the entire reel that they have appeared on in Wilds symbols, in fact some newer slot games will have these types of symbols that can move sideways as well as up and down!

Stacked Wild symbols can also be found on a lot of slot games these days, and these are simply symbols placed one on top of each other on the reels, so with a bit of luck the reel will spin and cover the reel in Wilds!

There are so many additional Wild symbols to be found attached to online slots we would suggest you have a look around our website and take a look at some of our slot game reviews. You will find 25 payline slots and some of the newer games such as Santa’s Wild Ride have lots of newly designed Wild symbols attached to them, so have a good look around!


Scatter Symbols

The best aspect of slot game Scatter symbols is that as long as you see the required number of them spinning into view on the slot games screen, then you are guaranteed of trigging the bonus game they award!

When you play these types of slots as these symbols are not required to form on any activated pay lines, then even if you are just playing one payline per spin you can still trigger their respective bonus games just as much as players playing maximum paylines can and do!


Bonus Symbols

Bonus symbols are symbols which can and do trigger some form of bonus game, hence their name! You will find that these types of reel symbols will usually have to form on selected reels and often on activated paylines before you will trigger the respective feature round.

The most commonly found bonus games triggered by these symbols are pick to win or pick and match bonus games, and you will often have to line up three or more on consecutive reels, starting at reel one and one activated paylines before you can trigger those types of bonus game!



The above listing names as many different types of reel symbols that you are likely to come across when playing at any of our featured online casino sites. However, do be aware that as new slot machines are launched and released online each month, you are likely to see a constant stream of slots offering more unique types of features built into them!

If you ever come across an online slot which has reels symbols attached to it that come with additional uses, then the easiest and quickest way that you are going To find out just how those reel symbols work and operate is by taking a look at each the slot games pay table or its associated help files!

So always be prepared to do a little research yourself if you do stumble on a slot game online which comes with an unusual or never seen before bonus features!

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