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The Golden Goose Side Bet is it Worth Placing?

golden-goose-crazy-chameleons-slotHaving a good read through of not only the pay tables of any online slot games you are thinking of playing but also looking at the attached help files is an important aspect of playing slots online, for by doing so you will often come across unique features that you may not have known are available on those games.

Take for example the Golden Goose series of slots, the four unique games that make up this series of slots from Microgaming have all been designed around some of their original video slot games, but having been given a major makeover, they also now boast a range of bonus game feature rounds which can be triggered and awarded to you when you play them.

However, what makes the Golden Goose series of slot games quite unique is that for you to have any chance what so ever of actually triggering and then being awarded the bonus feature rounds, you first have to place an optional side bet which is known quite aptly as the Golden Goose Bonus Bet!

If you play these slots and do not place that side bet then you cannot and will not ever trigger any of the four unique bonus games offered on the slot you have chosen to play, and in this particular slot playing guide we are going to see if it is actually worth your while placing that side bet or not!


How much is the Golden Goose Side bet and what does it offer?

You will have to pay an additional 50 coins to play the Golden Goose side bet, and whilst that is, when you are playing the maximum base game number of coins which is 200, quite a large percentage of the base game stake, by placing that side bet you get the chance of winning four unique types of bonus feature games.

The first of these randomly awarded bonus games is a random amount of cash this is awarded by a Goose appearing on your screen at the end of any single base game spin and it will walk across the screen and lay and egg which will smash open to reveal a cash prize.

Another bonus game which you can be randomly awarded is the Money or Egg bonus game here you have to select either to win an instant cash payout or receive a set of free spins. Another of the four different Golden Goose bonus games you could end up being awarded is a Pick a Card feature, you will be presented with five face down playing cards and will have to pick one of them, when revealed you will win a set of free spins.

The final bonus game which you can randomly be awarded with once you have placed the Golden Goose side bet option is a pick to win bonus feature round, five columns of eggs will appear and in each of those five columns will be three eggs. You have to pick one egg from each column and when you do random cash prizes will be revealed to you, these cash prizes are all accumulated and awarded to you when you have picked the last one.


Should I Place the Golden Goose Side Bet?

Whether or not you place the Golden Goose side bet option is of course up to you, but we should point out that by placing this side bet option there is no increase in the payout percentage that the slot will play out to once that side bet option has been activated and put into live play.

This means the only advantage you will have of placing that side bet option is that you will have the chance of triggering the bonus games which could see you being award a large winning payout much more quickly than you may get when playing the base game alone.


What Slots are in the Golden Goose Series of Slots?

There are four different slot games which currently make up the Golden Goose series of slots, it is worth pointing out that each game in the series offers a different theme and also the pay tables are different on each game and the only common thing they all share is of course the Golden Goose side bet, and as such you will find they all offer different sized jackpots and a range of different reel symbols.

The four slots that make up this series of Golden Goose slots are, the Golden Goose Winning Wizards slot which is a fun to play game in itself and the Golden Goose Crazy Chameleons slot which is a quite colourful looking slot game, the Golden Goose Totem Treasure slot game which should give you plenty of entertainment and winning opportunities.

The last slot in the series is the Golden Goose Genies Gems slot game which has quite a large base game jackpot and much like all other slots in this series it does offer a large base game jackpot!



As you can see there are no advantages other than you getting the chance of triggering the bonus game feature rounds when you place the Golden Goose side bet option, and as such if you are not too bothered about being awarded bonus games and bonus features then you are going to have the exact same chances of winning without placing that bet.

So you will find your slot playing gambling budget may stretch that little bit further and you may get a longer playing session by not using up more of your bankroll by placing that optional side bet wager!

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