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The New Breed of Slot Game Wild Symbols

santas-wild-ride-slot-free-spinsWith many slot game reel symbols now becoming animated or given additional uses, it is no longer a surprise for slot players to suddenly form a winning combination and then see the winning reel symbols start to dance, sway or move around the screen!

On many of the most recent slot games you can expect to find Scatter and Bonus symbols which will trigger their own unique bonus games. However, the Wild symbol is one which many slot game designers do seem to concentrate their efforts on the most.

There has been what could be described as a new breed of Wild symbols finding their way onto new slots, and these symbols no long only stand in and help complete winning combinations. Below you will find a range of additional uses and bonus features you can find kicking in, once you spin in the Wild symbols on the listed online slot games!


Magnetic and Frozen Wild Symbols

If you play Microgaming’s Girls with Girls 2 Frozen Dawn Slot game you are going to find a set of Magnetic Wild symbols attached to the reels. These symbols will, when you spin them in, draw in additional Wilds not in view on the slot game screen, and once those additional wild symbols find themselves being pulled onto the slot screen, whichever reel positions they end up on will obviously become wild positions and therefore can help complete one or more winning combinations.

This slot game also boasts something known as a Frozen Wild symbol. These symbols are only found on the middle reel of this game. However, when they spin in they can expand to cover the entire reel strip and will freeze themselves onto the reel and therefore any additional spins you play off will have those symbols locked into place, until the symbols melt away!


Sticky Wild Symbols

Another type or new Wild symbols found on quite a number of slot games are the Sticky Wild symbols. If you are playing at an online casino which utilizes NetEnt’s range of slot games, then you will find the brand new Creature from the Blackjack Lagoon slot game on offer.

This features a set of Sticky Wild symbols, and as soon as one or more of them spin in, on any reel position, they initially help form winning combinations, but will stay locked into place for the very next spin.

What you will be hoping for when playing this particular slot game or any that has these types of reel symbols is to get as many Sticky Wild symbols spinning in as you can, for once they stick to the reels the next spin could also result in a large winning payout being awarded to you!


Roaming Wild Symbols

One of Microgaming’s more exciting slot games that you can play is their Jonny Specter Slot, the reason why this can be a great slot to play is that it comes with a unique type of Roaming Wild symbol which can help you form some rather large paying winning combinations.

Once you set the five video reels into play, a Ghost type animation is going to swirl around the screen as the reels are spinning, once the reels all come to a rest this symbol will then jump onto one reel symbol and that symbol then becomes an additional Wild symbol.

As this symbol only attaches itself to one reel position at the end of a spin you will of course be hoping that it lands alongside four other matching reel symbols as by doing so you will then form a five of a kind winning combination!


Trailing Wild Symbols

One slot game which boasts three different types of wild symbols is the Santa’s Wild Ride Slot game. This slot is going to be worthy of your attention and play time for those Wild symbols can massively increase the value of many winning spins whenever they spin in.

However, these three symbols which are Stacked Wilds, Expanding Wilds and Trailing Wilds will only appear once you have first triggered the free spins bonus games on this slot and then have opted to have one type of Wild symbol in play on the reels as your awarded free spins are all playing off!

Stacked Wild symbols are simply a set of Wild symbols positioned one on top of each other on the reels strips, so it is possible to have three of the spinning in and covering one or more reels with Wilds. The Expanding Wild symbols look like standard Wilds, however as soon as one of these types of symbols spins in they expand and as such they will cover the entire reel they have spun in on.

The Trailing Wild symbols are certainly unique, when these symbols are spinning around the screen they leave a trail, much like a plane does as it is flying through the sky. As these Trailing Wilds then spin in any reel symbols above them which are highlighted by the trail left by the symbols then additionally become Wild symbols. Do try and give this slot some playtime, for that bonus game can reward you with some high cash payouts!


When you choose to play any brand new online slot game that you have never played before, then it is advisable that before setting the reels into live play, you take a few moments to look at the pay table attached to that slot.

When you do you will find a complete breakdown of all of the reel symbols along with not only their associated payouts but also any additional features or uses of those symbols.

It is not uncommon for some of the very latest slot game releases to have more than one type of reel symbol in play, and when you come across and play those types of slots you will be guaranteed of having a very exciting and potentially high paying session, more so when the Wild symbols make an appearance on several consecutive spins!

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