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The reasons for playing in the casino.

Gambling is a feature of every person to a certain degree. Long time ago our ancestors got pleasure from playing simple games for the sake of interest. They played the simplified version of backgammon. Cards appeared later and they won gambling amateurs` confidence of modern backgammon in the educated world.

By the way all the games are games of chance. And in the medieval Europe people played even chess for money. It made church government indignant and it led to several serious attempts to ban this impious game.

In such a way a person joined gambling a long time ago. There is a definite culture of gambling: mob has played in the taverns and pubs for a long time and by breaking the rules he takes a risk of worsening their health; aristocracy plays in the castles, mansions and salons and it guarantees honesty by its patrimonial name.

A modern person prefers to gamble in the casino. Not everyone may realize but the main reason for casino`s popularity is an honesty game guarantee and the same rules to all the players. To a certain degree a casino is a model and a stronghold of democracy: anyone may go to the casino and to test his luck according to the general rules.

However people go to the casino not because of the democracy but because of the fact that they want to get pleasure of gambling and to win a lot of money. And here the evident question appears. Is it possible to win the casino?

Statistically the casino is always the winner. It is obvious. In other words if you don`t point yourself out of the crowd then you will probably lose … if you are not lucky. You should never forget about the element of blind luck in the game but statistics doesn`t deal with luck. It deals with greater numbers and amounts of visitors.

Professional gamblers do not rely on luck: their good luck is the result of a long and painstaking perfection of their talents. And if a great number of casino visitors go there to lose money then professional gamblers earn money for bread and red caviar in such a way.

In reality casinos don`t like these professionals. They are respected because they do not break any rules (security watch it intently) but they are not loved. However how can they be loved if they attend the casino to make a profit?! There is a file for each such lucky professional. And usually their entrance to the casino is ordered in advance because of the financial safety of the gambling establishment.

But the fact of existence of such gamblers proves the fact that it is possible but difficult to win the casino. It inspires people for new achievements and winnings. It warms the soul of almost every serious player.

In case with the internet casino democracy triumphs: the internet casino is much more democratic then any real democratic casino because in the internet casino it is impossible to ban someone from playing in the casino. How can you ban someone to play in the casino if almost all the visitors are anonymous?

Except the possibility of banning the access to the game internet casino doesn’t have the possibility to control the additional gambler`s resources. It is impossible to know whether someone helps him or not, whether he uses additional programs of statistical calculation or not, whether he uses the mathematical model or system or not. The availability of such resources the situation is usually not in favor of the casino.

In any case the fact of existence of internet casinos means that statistically the winnings of professional lucky stiffs’ are still less than the winnings of a great mass of visitors.

So let`s sum everything up. If you go to the casino not only to get pleasure but also to earn money then you should remember that you will not draw someone`s attention by little regular winnings and your pleasure will be prolonged.
If you still do not belong to the elite of professional gamblers then be ready to unavoidable losses because mastery has never been given to anyone in this world for free.

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