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The slot machines: the dependence of prize on the stake size.

If you had ever played the slot machines with progressive jackpot, then you probably know that you can hit the jackpot only if your stake in the game is the highest possible. In other cases the only thing you may receive are modest fixed payouts, which can’t be even compared with the progressive jackpot.

In this very case I want to admit the word “fixed”. I mean, that in order to hit the jackpot a player should stake 3 coins during one spin, but if he stakes 1 or 2 then he can receive only a small sum of money comparing with the progressive jackpot. So why did I decide to write this article?

The point is that most of the software manufacturing companies, which work with the Internet casinos, organize the process of the payouts in video slots with progressive jackpots according to this scheme. But there are several companies in the gambling industry, which organize another scheme of dependence between prize and the stake size in on-line casinos.

Payouts from non-ultimate stakes in video slots.

For example, there are on-line slot machines, belonging to Vegas Technology company, in which players receive not fixed payouts, doing non-ultimate stakes during one spin, but a certain percent from the jackpot. The size of the jackpot is increasing all the time due to the stakes in video slot, made by other players. So they can expect a bigger winning comparing with fixed sums of money, established by other manufacturers.

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