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The Strategy “Up The Stairs”

As has already been discussed in various publications on the portal, the best strategy of the game on slots is the choice of machines with the highest payout percentage and maximum bet in the case, if only it guarantees the winning of the jackpot prize or disproportionately high bets. But not everyone can afford to play the maximum, and not in all cases such an approach makes sense.
Many fans of slots use for the game all sorts of betting systems which do not provide any benefits, help to systematize the process or, at least, make it more interesting. The strategies, which are applied on the slot machines, are rarely complicated due to the limited possibilities of the client of the casino in this category of games of chance. The system «Up the stairs», which will be discussed in this article, is also extremely simple.
It enjoys special popularity among the supporters of the opinion that you can catch a winning wave in slots. Let’s mention at once that we do not share that conviction. We know that the work of the random number generator is unpredictable, and each spin is a separate and independent round. It is not associated with any previous or subsequent drawings.

However, if you disagree with us, the strategy «Up the stairs» should be of interest to you. However, any gambler can experience it, regardless of his ideas about the principles of the operating of slots.

You need to begin always with low bets that you set as a minimum threshold. You need not necessarily put a penny, even if this is permitted by law. Just decide, less what amount you won’t bet. If the first spin turns out to be a losing proposition, the next bet remains the same. In case of winning you must double its size.

Therefore, further you are acting the same way: in case of winning double the bet, in case of a loss cut it two times. According to this principle, you can raise the bet to the maximum, or to the limit, which you can afford. If you really manage to «catch a wave», you will be able to become an owner of a decent win.

The main advantage of this system lies in the fact that you will make big bets on the won money. Under the win, in which you need to raise the bet, we mean the sum at least twice bigger than the size of the bet. That is, if you put a dollar, and the payment is amounted to a dollar and a half (with the account of the bet), it is not worth putting two dollars in the next spin.

Also it is easy to see that this strategy is reminiscent of some of progressive systems, which are actively used in the game of roulette.
Finally let’s repeat the following thing again: neither this, nor any other strategy is actually able to help to win at slots. Therefore, you should not rely on them too much and blindly trust them. And the system «Up the stairs» is just a way to make bets, and not a method of overcoming the advantages of the casino.

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