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The ways of cutting down the casinos` winnings.

Nowadays when online casino is widely popular and winnings usually reach great sizes the establishments have to limit maximal payments. For what reason is it done? The casino doesn`t want to get into a situation when it would not be able to pay the gambler his winning. There are several ways of such restrictions. We think that it will be interesting for the players to read about it.

So the first and the most used variant is the bets` limitation. It is used in all the establishments without an exception. Because of the fact that wining depends on the bet it will not be difficult to count what maximum you will be able to get (however at best the most profitable combination falls out very rarely but it is a topic for the other article). The division of maximum for several parts is also practiced. They are so called table limits. For example in the roulette, blackjack, poker and other classical games you can make bets from several centers to hundred-thousand dollars but in the beginning you should choose on what sums in the bet you would orient. But the games which suppose the existence of progressive (that always increases) jackpot are not imposed by such restrictions.

The factors of maximal payments can differ depending on the kind of game.

Let`s discuss the winning possibility in the slot machines because they are the most popular games on the Internet casino. The maximal bet`s sum is the total bet for the spin for all the gambling lines. Generally the division goes to the maximal number of lines (there are slot machines with 1 line and with 30 lines) on the maximal bet for each of them for the number of coins that can be put on one 1 line (a coin is the bet`s size). At once it can be calculated what maximum can be got? It is known that the known payment factor and maximal bet should be multiplied and you will see the payment. It is so to speak the first maximum. In many slots there is an opportunity of increasing the winning in the game for risk. Here the sum may be doubled and even quadrupled and so on. It will be the second maximum. However as the practice shows the gamblers that «take the bank» prefer not to risk.

There is another moment in the slots – free rotations. It happens that such bets are maximal and freespins can be launched several times on end. More often they give serious winnings. So some casinos make restrictions on the number of rounds with free spins. If the gambler got all of them then even if a similar opportunity falls out once again he will not get them. Or there is also another variant. Sometimes there are payment restrictions put on free spins. If the winning limit is achieved then free rotations can be interrupted even if not all of them can be used.

Now let`s talk about the games for risk at the same slot machines. The essence is to increase the winning for the spin in the additional game. Usually the increase of the initial sum is the following: 2, 4, 8, 16, 32 times more and so on. So the limits are also put on this increase. It can be to 10 games or to a definite factor – to 512 or any other. When this limit is exhausted the game for a chance should be stopped.

There are some other nuances in the payment limits but we will get acquainted with a bit later. We wish you to get great winnings without any limits!

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