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Types of bonuses in the casino.

Why does casino offer bonuses to its visitors? It is done with an aim of attracting new clients. As the net gambling business is relatively new phenomenon (gambling business created about 10 years ago is considered to be very old and shaped) money bonuses are an effective way of broadening the clients. Economical gamblers should use this offer. There are three major types of bonuses in the net casino. They are introductory bonus, bonus for topping up the bill and bonus for inviting a friend to attend the site.

Introductory bonus.

Introductory casino bonus is meant exceptionally for new casino clients and its size varies. Some sites offer straight money bonuses. They are also called bonuses without deposits but they are rarely found. Nevertheless the majority of interactive casinos enlist a definite per cent from the first deposit on the client`s account. It can be 50 per cent of the primary deposit. If the client puts $100 on the account he will get $50 bonus. Some sites offer 100 and even more per cent of the primary deposit sum. The most important detail about bonuses is that you should always read what is written about bonuses in small print. It is informed there what rewards are presented by the casino and by what conditions. A number of casinos give their clients a special code. The clients should enter this code in order to get the bonus.

The overwhelming number of net gambling establishments does not present introductory bonuses in hard currency. In stead of this they give the gamblers bonus points which can be converted into money. It depends on how often the client plays in the casino. The majority of sites adhere to the rules of not allowing to take the bonus until the gamblers makes bets on a sum that is higher than the bonus size. The information about what sum of money should be used as a bets in order to get a bonus can be found on the main page of the site in the section with a name “requirements to the bets”. If the casino bonus is $100 and the gambler has to put a sum that is 10 times more than that then the gambler should make bets on sum of $1,000 before he could get the money.

It is necessary to remind that a special attention should be paid to the information about bonus payment conditions of the casino that is written in small print as different sites have different requirements.
The bonus for topping up the account.

Some sites offer their clients bonuses for topping up the accounts which are put on already existing account after every topping up. In some cases the gamblers immediately get an access to the bonus and in other cases the money are credited on the account as bonus points. In these cases the gambler can`t take bonus for topping up the account until he doesn`t make bets on a sum that exceeds the size of reward at a definite number of times.

Bonus for inviting the friend.

The bonus for inviting the friend is the most straightforward of all the reward casino programs and is given to every gambler who invited his acquaintance on the casino site. As a rule the gambler who is invited to the site also has to make a bet on a definite sum before this bonus becomes available to them.

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